New Supra?


“Whatever, it’s enough to get us thinking about the next Toyota Supra, which the automaker feels it needs to compete with Nissan’s one-two high-performance punch of the 350Z and the coming Skyline GT-R.”

It is about time that Toyota got back on track with sports cars after dropping the Supra, MR2 and finally the Celica last year. Toyota had basically given their competitors full reign of the sports car market for the past few years because of their concentration on reliable, fuel economic urban mobiles and hybrid cars . If this new car, code name FT-HS, is suppose to compete with the current sports car market then its “Eco and emotion in a sports car concept with a performance target of 0-60 mph in about 4 seconds and a price tag in the mid-$30,000 range” will give it a large advantage because Toyota is associated with long term quality and resale value. North America’s #1 car maker plans to put in a “DOHC 3.5-liter V6” which in the current Lexus outputs “292 hp at 6,500 rpm” with the rest of the power coming from “an electric motor”.  It looks like the effort Toyota put into their hybrid market will pay off, maybe that break from competing in the sports market was actually to work out a good hybrid engine for new sports car where style and economy can finally mix.


Like most concept cars they never worry about it looking too futuristic, but when the actual car comes out (if it comes out) it will probably look like a Lexus with a body kit that slightly resembles what we see here. Still I have high hopes because Toyota has taken their class leading hybrid technology and decided to put it in the sports market to compete with the American electric sports car and other “new fuels” sports cars. It may seem kind of redundant to have so much power (which will produce more carbon) and a hybrid engine (meant to reduce current emissions) in the same car, but Toyota and the others must satisfy the market of sports car fans and the environmentalists. What better way to stretch their marketing campaign and their brand than to show off their new beautiful beasts.



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Alessandro Volta


Some kind of sex between an Enzo and a Lamborghini.



CLANNAD anime announced


CLANNAD, like Kanon is based of Key’s story/dialogue driven game. Kyoto Animation has given us a preview at the end of Kanon. The animation will be similiar to Air, Kanon and Haruhi with beautiful instrumental and piano music taken from the game.


This will be something to look forward to because CLANNAD has a much deeper story with University level dialogue, but will a movie or 13-26 episodes be enough to express this story (which is many times longer than Air and Kanon)?


So does this mean we will see a Planetarian anime soon? If they do it will be for completetion purposes since most of their games have been animated and with great success.

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