Field School China: Class @ SFU Day 2-4


The surprise was there were no Chinese lessons for day 2! They were moved to day 4 and the quiz was also moved to day 4 because the provinces were difficult to remember in only 2 days. Therefore, we went over the history of China since the Yuan period and after lunch we studied outside. We discussed the single chapter we read, especially on sensitive issues such as f-gong and the corrupt official who fled China.

On day 3 we all got Chinese lessons and we went over the geography of China especially the provinces and why they are named what they are. This was quite helpful and afterwords we read another chapter but this time we read wherever we wanted to because some of the girls got sunburned last day and then we came back to discuss.

On day 4 we had our quiz after a speaker came to give us a lecture on Chinese paleoanthropology and the rest of the time after lunch we discussed precautions for our trips and some surprises such as toilet squatting.


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