Field School China: Class @ SFU Day 5

On day five (yesterday) we went on a trip to Chinatown to tour the traditional Chinese gardens. Here are my pictures resized to 800×600 to reduce loading times but I might (or still can) increase future pictures to 1280×1024 or bigger if anyone likes larger sized pictures for wallpapers.

the garden entraceentrace2.jpg

This be the entrance, where we…uh our instructor (Dongya) pays for tickets.


We are introduced to the garden in a typical Ming living room (not picture here) but outside of the room this is what you would see.


The very small hundred year old tree can be seen in the left picture and on the right is the view of the other park.


What doesn’t fit? The tall buildings or this park?


The tour guide attempts to show us how they wrote calligraphy back in the day and a turtle seeks food.

rock2.jpg rocks.jpg

No trip is complete without rocks! Yes good ol’ Washington and Daoist chemistry have churned out magic!


Some moongates and a statue of Sun Yat Sen leads the way to the free park which we did not plan or have time for.

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