China Day 1

May 26th 2007

Today our fieldschool was finally headed to China!
After traveling quite often the routines and checks have become familiar.
The ride was a reasonable 12 hours but Air China was more boring than any flight I’ve been on but my PSP saved the day.
After arriving we were shuttle bused to the terminal where we had to line up for a long time and pick up our baggage.
As we collected our baggage we met up with Madoka who had gone to Japan first before meeting the rest of the group.

Stepping out into Beijing was much like Tokyo the air was not too humid for it was still spring but it had already reached 30 degrees.
Vancouver is suppose to reach 28 according to the newspaper on Friday so I can say maybe I’m preparing myself for Vancouver 😛

We took a long bus ride through parts of Beijing to reach the 2nd inner circle of the city where our apartment was.
The hotel was one brand new designed for the Olympics, so new you could still hear construction.
As we stepped in you could tell everyone wanted to finally settle down and drop their luggage for a cool shower.
Afterwards we had dinner in a private room in a restaurant with Grace and her parents. We had alcohol and tofu which I am allergic to. Then some of us left to buy supplies such as booze and cigs but for me water.

p5270252.jpg p5270253.jpg

We headed back and in my room (because I have a laptop) and Jennifer and Mary enjoyed a couple hours of drinking and facebook.  My air conditioner and my table were broken, but good thing its not that hot or humid out and the air conditioner still brought in air so I didn’t need the window open.


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