China Day 2

Today I woke up dreaming about misquitos and power outages, but the truth is I’ve yet to see any.

Its good to have my own room! The sky is pretty and blue, and after my show I had breakfast downstairs.

We spent the day at the Sky Temple and Forbidden City taking a lot of pictures and seeing a lot of relics.


The biggest problem was that most things were under rennovation so the best and biggest buildings could hardly be seen.

Lunch was dim sum and mostly buns and for dinner we had KFC, which we walked to from a distance and it was pretty much the same tasting. On our way to KFC we saw kittens on sale in cages on the street, that really made members of our group cringe.

Then we spent what was left of our time shopping across the street. When we got back we had another drinking facebook party and learned I had sunburns.!


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