China Day 4

The hotel food began to get tiring, but I was short on breakfast time today anyway. We had another meeting where another individual was assigned to writing the journal then watched a long film on the summer palace, which we would visit today. Today was cloudy and this would be our furthest trip from the hotel. The taxi far was 3o yuan but we got there pretty fast. The old summer palace was grand and the area was full of gardens, lakes and fauna. At the end there were ruins which were very interesting. You could see buildings and blocks sticking out of the ground and pieces of statues broken into pieces and sometimes the same statue in a variety of areas.

p5290987.jpg p5290995.jpgp5291000.jpgp5291052.jpgp5291080.jpgp5291101.jpg

Afterwards, we had lunch and some went to a noodle place while we went to McDonalds. Jenn and Carley really like the coffee and compares it to Seattles best. We entered the new Summer Palace shortly after and like always people are trying to sell us junk and souvenirs. There were a lot of steps to climb at first but like the Forbidden city the Palace was massive and tall, there were a lot of views, rocks, trees and stairs. When we reached the harbour we saw the marble boat and afterwards we went to take a boat to an island in the middle of the man made lake. On the island we saw a snake and crossed a huge bridge, and thats when my batteries for my camera died. After that we walked around the island back towards the Summer Palace and went through the side areas which had a lot of relics and bronze things. We missed the Beijing Opera section because it was closing and after a very long day of walking we headed home by bus. By bus we could see a lot of road rage but no accidents, and the air was heavy with carbon, but at least the bus was never stuck in a traffic jam during this rush hour. The ride was long though and kind of tiring, and when I got back I had noodles with Dongya.


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