China Day 43

On our last full day we woke up really early so Jenn, yin yin and Stephanie could go to H&R.  I went CD shopping then afterwards we went back to Nanjing road.  They had a few things left to pick up before we left to go to Walmart.  There wasn’t much for us to buy there except the girls saw their favourite shoe store so after I had sushi I met up with them and went there to watch them choose shoes.  We returned later that day to make it back for our final group dinner.  We ate well and had a final discussion about how everything was and then we went out for a walk and caught the taxi.  We headed back but since it was everybodies last day we all decided to go to the Bend.  Since everyone was going we did not have to cover our taxi costs.  We saw the peal of asia and the beach night life.  It was a beautiful site and we enjoyed our last group photo with myself being the photographer.  Angela became our leader that day and looked over us and she did a fantastic job of it.  We headed back satisfied and most people had to pack because they were off at 6:30 A.M the next morning. We said our goodbyes and then headed back to bed.


China Day 42

Shanghai Museum was like the other museum except it was well organized and had many large objects from each of its many sections.  After the museum we had a free day to go shopping and we went to the open market underground near the museum.  When we came out to shop outside the rain just downpoured and I became soaked from head to toe in 5 seconds.  We still continued to shop through the largest shopping district until we found a DVD/CD store and then headed home.  Tommorow is the last full day for half the students and they will head home after that.

China Day 41

July 6 we left at 11 am and i extended my stay in shanghai or two days a few of us went to the south gate mall before heading to shop a litte more before leaving to the airport.  Along the way we could see Shanghai was like no other city in China because the buildings were vast and concentrated which gave a sense of overwhelming economic strength.  Because of traffic (only a year ago this area apparently had little traffic) We got to our hotel in Shangahi at about 8pm and had dinner and rested.

China Day 40

July 5 south gate, drawn bridge to get in and out, office and archer tower. outter city to shoot arrows. banpo yangshao culture in henan yangshao city. banpo is matriarchical but name is modern given. 3 highlihts in xian; terracotta, danqing banquet with cinese dmplinggs that look like ears. best wheat in country belt noodle some men can eat long and wide 4-5. xian dumpling banquet w/ variety. [slurping, rice end] differt colors and flavors. xian dancing w/ folk tang instrument and concubine tang beauty. matriach society women statue ,pottery found, polished grinding stone feature of neolithic, site has site museum with best objectsx and site reconstruction they had cemetary and pottery area. this area has been fully excavated. house and statues provide evidence of life. stone tools and millet dominate and considered fully developed agricultural society w/o argument. pig and dog domesticated. the foundations are found well preserved and traces of thir buildings can be found. they had a fire pit for cooking, teepee styled homes with an entrance way. skeletons were excavated below. children were found in earthan containers and adults burried facing west with earthan ware.  this may symbolize the facing towards their ancestors origins. burnt structures help reveal what the buildings were made of. only one 3-4 year old girl was uniquely buried in a wooden coffin. there is also a moat most likely important for defense. we then saw a replica of the site and bought a banpo man flute. we then learned group dinner was cancelled. so we went shopping at the muslim market and then had pizza hut and prepared to leave to shanghai.

China Day 39

July 4 terracotta army day. there was a panormic movie and autograph from the person who found the site if you bought the book. pit 1 was largest pit with soldiers and horses. pit 2 was destroyed mostly by rebels but most intact ones required little renovation. mostly archers kneeling and standing were found w/ 1 of 7 generals. we then went to see bronze objects including mini bronze chariots. other objects were the weapons and umbrella made of bronze for use on chariots.  pit 4 had nothing, pit 3 was deepest almost like 2 floors and inside were headless soldiers and horses. the shu ceremonial weapon was found. here. afterwards we got to see the kneeling archer up close at a lab before leaving to lunch and free day to taxi 4 km to shop. first km 6 kuai 2 80 then 1.50 for next kms.

China Day 38

July 3 we went to the provincial museum which was really big and divided by dynasty. we saw a nonspilling tea kettle and bought replica sets for 100 kuai. only 10 per cent are made w/o cracks. we had all wesrern buffet. afterwards we went to a smaller museum with han terracotta soldiers. after that we went to an institute and saw pottery, bronze shield and a unopened coffin, mural of a dragon that was shaved off a wall then we had dinner saw a dog and a anthill.

China Day 37

We spent 4 hours riding on the bus to Xi’an in Shaanxi.  After arriving we checked in we went out to go shopping and instead ended up at the arcade for several hours playing ticket games.  It was raining, but the city was nice at night and there were a lot of westerners here.

China Day 36

July 1. we went to a site at ? where we met up with the museum director and their daughter lauriel and saw a mini mueum with a layer of ash pits and pottery. after we went to look for pottery pieces and were allowed to keep them. we then went to the city museum and had lunch. after lunch we headed to another larger museum and did a report on jade/bronze/burials/graveschariots from the country of guo during spring and autumn period. then we headed to the cave hotels where we got to see the rooms and museum before we got to go to dinner and our hotel to prepare for xi’an and skipping a site tommorow because it has been reburied.

China Day 35

June 30 today we went to erlitou city and many people at the site were interested in us. we walked in and got a lecture on the site about how it was possibly evidence for xia. we saw a few rooms of pottery and the burial site after it was covered before moving to a area with shang foundations. there we saw many plants and a little man made lake. we then had lunch before moving to underground tombs where we saw graves with burial eqipment and a deep tomb which was cold. we tried a water musical instrument. after we went to celebrate canada day by eating western food and drinking.

China Day 34

June 29 we left the capital to head to luoyang. here we drove through a winding road to reach white horse temple. here we saw various horse statues and monks preying. this was the site were buddhism arrived in china adopted by the northern wei dynasty in 400 ad. the king had a dream of a flying horse and built this temple. inside many people kneeled and touched a peach for longevity and healing. afterwards we shopped while the driver fixed his car. then we headed to the longman grottos after lunch to see buddhist statues etched onto mountains w/ a very large one. it started to rain but quickly went away. pierre trudeau had visited this area. after we went back to our hotels and dinner where we mostly shopped.