China Day 40

July 5 south gate, drawn bridge to get in and out, office and archer tower. outter city to shoot arrows. banpo yangshao culture in henan yangshao city. banpo is matriarchical but name is modern given. 3 highlihts in xian; terracotta, danqing banquet with cinese dmplinggs that look like ears. best wheat in country belt noodle some men can eat long and wide 4-5. xian dumpling banquet w/ variety. [slurping, rice end] differt colors and flavors. xian dancing w/ folk tang instrument and concubine tang beauty. matriach society women statue ,pottery found, polished grinding stone feature of neolithic, site has site museum with best objectsx and site reconstruction they had cemetary and pottery area. this area has been fully excavated. house and statues provide evidence of life. stone tools and millet dominate and considered fully developed agricultural society w/o argument. pig and dog domesticated. the foundations are found well preserved and traces of thir buildings can be found. they had a fire pit for cooking, teepee styled homes with an entrance way. skeletons were excavated below. children were found in earthan containers and adults burried facing west with earthan ware.  this may symbolize the facing towards their ancestors origins. burnt structures help reveal what the buildings were made of. only one 3-4 year old girl was uniquely buried in a wooden coffin. there is also a moat most likely important for defense. we then saw a replica of the site and bought a banpo man flute. we then learned group dinner was cancelled. so we went shopping at the muslim market and then had pizza hut and prepared to leave to shanghai.

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