China Day 44

Everyone got up early and moved their stuff to the bottom of the hotel and those of us staying helped them out. We said our goodbyes as they got on the bus. Dongya and Grace left their baggage in the room Nikki and I now shared and we went to breakfast then to sleep. When we woke up it was already too late to go to the watercity park. So we went to the famous gardens in Shanghai and visited the xiaolongbao restaurant and teahouse to buy tea. Inside the park we paid to go into the gardens. In the gardens we saw flowing water and very nice sitting areas where many tourist and ourselves took pictures from opposite sides of the water. We saw many coy fishes and we had bought packages to feed them, it was very crazy how they fought for their food pellets and climbed over each other. Japanese buisnessmen and other tourists walked around in suits in such warm weather and Madoka expressed displeasure with them. We went into an art museum to see nice water scrolls done by artists renowned to China. As we left we glanced at some goods before walking through a park where we saw wild kittens and a very sick dog which people tried to play with and help. As we caught a taxi we learned more about Angela and her being frauded on her fair by a Shanghai taxi which overcharged them. We decided to head to the shopping center in Shanghai again (where the giant coke bottle is) and Nikki and Madoka went to get money as Angela and I went to look for anime toys witht he directions my cousin provided me.  We found one store but alas we ran out of time and had to subway back to meet Nikki and Madoka.  We walked a bit and arrived at a very modern looking restaurant where we had jellyfish, rice dishes and some dim sum.  Afterwards, we went to a DVD/CD store and I bought Lord of War before we decided to head home, but catching a taxi took a very long time. When we got home we did a little packing and a little preparing for tommorows day to the waterpark garden which lies outside of the general Shangahi special administration zone.  We would need to catch a bus, but finding the time schedual and the station would be our goal!

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