China Day 45

This morning we awoke early… It was less rainy and humid, but none the less humid. We took a taxi to the subway station, which was not very far away. We learned how to use this new subway (different from the other one) to find our way to the stadium station where we went in search for the bus station afraid we may be too late for the earliest 8-9 a.m. bus. We asked around and eventually found it behind the stadium and we went in and quickly bought our tickets which actually left a little later than we thought. We waited and had snacks for breakfast and I was slightly disappointed the DVD store in the bus depot had shut down. We got onto the bus (which had only 4 passengers not including us) and we sat in the back. I sat with Angela as Madoka and Nikki sat alone in front of and beside us. I listened to Angela’s variety of music as she slept most of the way there. It was really dark and stormy and we were worried it might ruin our fun. Eventually we arrived and the bus would wait for us to return before leaving. We walked a little bit before entering and apparently our bus ticket included our entry ticket. We walked around these old looking building which had roads too small for vehicles or bikes. They used water transportation to get around and there were many restaurants and giant shells from shellfish everywhere. We walked around before entering a more quiet park area where we played around on a carriage which was closed. We did a small titanic gag before moving on across a small path and bridge and around some quiet building wondering if we could actually enter a tower which laid far in the horizon. We could see the Lake which was huge and locked by a gate. As we crossed back we decided to take the boat tour but did not want to pay extra to hear her sing. The boat ride was incredible and relaxing and the views were beautiful as we saw other boats ahead and behind us and a small vessel which looked like it was meant for a child looked like it was sinking. After the ride we got off and bought Chinese style shirts and looked into an art gallery. In the middle of our tour we went into a art gallery and enjoyed the works. The rain had stopped a while back, and a wave of tourist start to enter. It was beautiful in the rain when it had less people around it felt really traditional and fun. When the time came we walked around the outside and asked a local to take a picture for us. We then coasted along the outside back to the bus realizing our last day in Shanghai was coming to an end. When we were deciding on dinner we decided that we wanted xiaolongbao. This was something we were going to miss incredibly. So this time we decided to dine in and we accidently went into the wrong restaurant before switching to the one which was slightly cheaper but more popular. We ordered over 10 longs of xiaolongbao which had about 6 or 7 in each. We enjoyed stuffing ourselves and afterwards walked around and Angela bought a tea set as everything began to close and there was nothing left to shop for. We decided we were exhausted and it was time to head home and pack up because we were going to leave this beautiful land of fun.

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