China Day 46

This was the day we were suppose to leave China, but it ended up being the longest day of my life. We took two taxi’s to the airport going at speeds well over 100 KM/h getting us there in less than an hour. As we checked ourselves in I paid the fees for extending my stay and prepared to head back to Beijing to transfer back to Vancouver. I ate my last meal at Shanghai airport while Madoka waited to board her flight. After Madoka boarded it was just Angela and I left and we waited at the boarding gate and checked out the bookstore. I bought a car magazine with help from Angela and boarded. After our arrival at Beijing airport (the memories of our first day.) Then we learned our flight was delayed 8 hours. In that time I decided it would be great to go back into Beijing, and Angela agreeded therefore she quickly found out there was a shuttle bus into Xidan. I checked in my ultra heavy bag and we prepared to enter Beijing for the very last time. When we arrived in Xidan we easily maneuvered our way back into the subway and into the station near our hotel. We then walked to the Planetarium and caught the very last show about a train in space. Before we watched it we explored the Planetarium and Angela bought a planetarium coin and gave it to me. I almost lost the tickets when I was pulling out my money, but found them lying on the floor. After the show we took the bus back to our old hotel (Angela was sleeping on the bus) and re-entered the convience store, inside we were easily recognized by the clerk and we bought drinks for the last time. We then went back to have Noodles for the last time before checking our watches and realizing that a lot of time has passed by. We then headed back to Xidan and shopped for the last time before catching the bus back to the airport. We bought goods for our friends at the Alcohol and Tobacco store, while Angela also got a HuanHuan Beijing Olympic mascot toy. As we boarded we left behind a lot of great memories, and we felt like it has been a long time on our own. The plane we boarded had paralympic players and many seats were available, but we stayed put and slept most of the way back. When we returned we easily maneuvered customs and Angela’s parents picked her up and my parents picked me up. I went home unpacked and took a long shower and realized that I could smell everything again. Everything was soft especially my bed and as I watched the sunset on Vancouvers hottest day I was still in China mode and wanted everything cheaper cheaper!

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