AutoX Weekend

Throughout the week I cleaned up my car and prepared it for the weekend where I would head to the junkyard and AutoX Slush Series at SFU and UBC. On Friday night we drove around town to find our friend, but he was sleeping. Therefore we went to Richmond to meet up with another friend and had a drive to Twassen Ferry Terminal. On Saturday we had dim sum before heading to the junkyard, for my own parts and parts for a friend at Unico afterwards we went to Unico garage and I washed my car. Afterwards we hung around my garage installing my new parts (hatch struts and side reflector light. On Sunday morning I woke up at 7am in order to meet Kent in his FD to head to UBC Slush Series 7. Having takeout at McDonalds we rushed into the tech area where they inspect our cars and the registered. After that we were seperated into teams, the first team had racing tires/mods. The second team had mods or were JDM and my team was stock cars. My group had duties first, but afterwards I rode with Kent and his FD was the fastest ride I have had in my life. I hit my head after he spunout once, but luckly the helmet saved me from PAIN. Then I filmed his next run before getting ready for mine. My run was done with a professional driver, but It still turned out to be one of the slowest runs. I took my corners too widely and did not fair too well afterwards either. Not all was lost I did meet a driver of an MR2 who taught me quite a bit and the FD ride was fun. It was also a sunny day and everything felt great. Afterwards we just had friend chicken at my place while talking about the event and watching some old top gear. My run on the fc3s.

The best part of the weekend was preparing and hanging out in the garage. We put hatch strut back on my car and replaced a lightbulb, but in the process we cleared the garage and had fun.

My First tide in a turbo car and it happens to be Kent’s FD! He and others celebrated my cars revival on this day the day of my cars revival. Another pic of me doing work (picking up cones) and learning never to run accross the finish line or it will ruin a cars time. The red 240sx is a member from my Simon Fraser University Import Car Club (joined a week after the event) I also had fun volunteering on Monday. Pictures with me in them are courtesey of UBC photographers. I gave kids advice on their presentations.

Made a friend in the form of MR2! He was real helpful in explain to a noob like me what UBC X Auto X meant.

Some pictures before I revived my RX-7 from almost a 4 month sleep. RISE MY SLEEPING BEAUTY!

The day ended with a pic of each of us with their respective cars.


Amemiya Aero Mirrors Get!

This set me back 140 bux, theres a bit of weird plastic on the bottom part that the seller didn’t tell me about. If I was getting them painted this will cost 70 bucks so I might do it myself.

Alternative Amemiya mirrors on the left black one.

First volunteer work and at a school!

I did 1H and 30 mins of volunteer work at Templeton today.  I walked into the class and they were watching a video on the holocaust and as expected their were a few ughs and awws.  Afterwards, it was mostly organizing folders and getting to know the teacher Marcey Toms! I like organizing papers, but I felt I could do a faster/better job despite being complemented on my speed.  Next week I get to work with grade eight students, which makes me a bit nervous, but It should be a good experience.

UBC yesterday, today SFU

Today, after class at SFU I joined a couple of friends at the Chinese community club or whatever their name is for their annual Chinese New Year celebrations. Entrance fee was $5.00 and Pizza, drinks and snacks were provided! It was a very interactive celebration, which made be hesitate but once I got into it it was quite fun. There were word games where you added words according to the first chinese characters, which I had help because I am so terrible at the language I studied for 2 years. There was also a game where you had 4 people and had to limit the number of limbs against the floor, 3 legged races, singing and dancers.

Parking lot snow fun

For Chinese New Year we decided to start off with dinner, bubble tea and then attend the Aberdeen annual count down. Then we decided to go for a nice fast drive down UBC, but we didn’t know it was snowing and getting down to the beach was a slippery mess. But we took advantage of this and went to the parking lot where we made donuts and FF drifting look easy.

LQ video:

Blog Anniversary!

Hey its been almost a year since I first posted! Wow time went by rather quickly. To celebrate I have added new photo albums located on the right hand tool bar! Chinese New Years is only 2 days away now which is much earlier than last year. Lets welcome in the rats with cats!