+10 HP

Putting the SFU Import car club sticker on for good measures. It serves as decal and covers a bad spot on my car 🙂 Two stones one bird 😐 More pics of car and lights. Funny how it looks bluer at night. I also learned I can’t paint my own side mirrors because of the special flexible material so I have to get it painted starting at 70 bucks or up.

I also bought new games for PSP and DS. Advance Wars: Day of ruin and Final Fantasy: Crisis Core. Crisis Core is really good looking and the battle system is pretty fun right now. The story and atmosphere is pretty dark despite the main character being similiar to a comic relief character. I also need a new DS Lite, and since the LM’s are gone I’ll be getting the crimson most likely. After Apollo Justice it will probably be only PS3 games for me.

I also applied for Automotive Technician full-time program at BCIT.

Raybrig Headlights – Yellow and Blue lights bulbs

Loaded up on another thing for my car setting me back a good 135 bux. This will give me a much needed HID alternative (just as bright though) for vision and visual upgrade. Since my car has retractable headlights I need these inclosures unlike other cars that can just install HIDs with a kit. This makes having custom headlights on my car much more expensive and if I want HIDs I need to buy another kit for about 100 bux. I have yet to install these and my headlights because of a mix of laziness and school work.

update: lights installed, but the weather rubber to keep out moisture is too tight on one side. They look great though. Who says theres no room in a fc 😛

Real Lives 2007!

So I downloaded this little game (literally 8mb) that is graphically challenged, but super addictive called Real Lives. You play as an individual born in a country (determined from real life statistics) and it is usually a 3rd world country because reality is thats where most of the people in the world live. You live through your childhood with few choices except on what to work on like studying, sports, volunteering and playing (depending where you are you can watch TV too). You learn about the country through little facts everytime you hit “age a year” which does as it says age you a year and changes your lifestyle stats and your family either suffers from diseases, political events, disasters or a new sibling for you. When you’re old enough you can start working, moving out, having relationships (as well as leave some) and children whenever you would like. The game ends when you die of a diseases typical of the country you live in, which is also determined by stats. The game can last from a few seconds (where you die from a childhood diseases, etc.) or for 30-45 minutes depending how much you like to customize your finances or you can simply let them automate it by doing nothing. There is also a “create-your-own-senario” where you design your character and where they are from. The addiction comes when you keep trying to create a perfect life which is possible, but my character ended up gay hence which led me to set him down a spiral path of death. You can always rewind your life and go back to a certain age and make a decision you were unsure of such as defying your parents to marry your true love or choosing a different career. This picture pretty much summarizes the game here though.

rain drift

Slid the car 3 times yesterday with fantastic results until I spun out at S curve near entrance to Arthur Liang Bridge from #3 road in Richmond.


On Monday I volunteered again but this time from 10:30 am to 2:30 pm.  I got to examine and try to help an English class through some poetry that was even tough on me because I had no background info on the authors.  During lunch I organized binders and folders.  After lunch I got to help the class with a topic on why the Atomic bomb has  moral, political and military objectives.  This was the best experience as I got to share my knowledge and capture the attention of several groups.  They hung on to my every word and I kind of got off topic.  Afterwards, I went to pick up my game from a friend and went to eat.  When I got home I worked on cutting plastic grips for my car.  Afterwards Harry dropped by and we went to Canadian Tire after I finished Vaccuuming. Then he went to pick up a radar detector from our friend and we returned home.

For my car

I bought some four leaf decor for it 😛 customize it with 4 leaf clovers! Also hope I can get the Cusco strut bars for $200 😀 Front and rear ftw!

MARCH! First weekend!

Yesterday after feeding Chinchilla and downloading some things off PS3 we went to eat in Downtown Vancouver’s special Japanese Curry restaurant. I forget what the place is called but everyone ordered the pork katsu curry because it was recommended by Harry and I. I ordered the chicken one because I prefer it over pork. Afterwards we went to e-spot and they played pool and snooker until midnight. 5 cars drove to White Rock, a FD, Celica, BMW 5 series, Prelude and an Accord but one of us got pulled over after we sped throughout most the highway. The officer gave the lead car a 110$ ticket for……………………….tinted windows… We waited at a McDonalds on Ladner Trunk Road for him and a bunch of guys hanging out there, drunk white guys obviously, were being noisy and one came up to my friend and asked him “do you drift, omg the fd is awsum, blah blah blah” I thought that was pretty funny considering I thought it was a joke when I heard almost everyone with a FD gets asked that. After we arrived at Crescent Beach we drove a little more before deciding to head home. They came over at 3 AM and played cards until 7 AM in which we went to have DIM SUM. After Dim sum we went to help the prelude get his rims, but we decided to go to the junkyard while it was being installed. In Surrey we spent a couple of hours dismantling parts and I got the lock and panels I wanted. Then mr. FD had to deliver a car and I drove him back to where his brother was getting his prelude fitted. They are friends of the buisness owners and that place was loaded with imports and FDs. He bought us ice cappachinos from Tim Hortons as thanks and Harry and I left them at their dealership. We decided to head home and he wanted to sleep instead of go out to eat so I spent all my time working on my car installing the lock and making the passenger side sucessfully lockable without jamming except the keys still don’t open the door and the panel looks great! So freaking sleepy, living 3 days with 4 hours of sleep! Harry’s car with his new blackhousing and blue HIDs.

Been recently taking more pictures with my cellphone so don’t mind the qualities.