Final Japan :*

Japan day 13 May 9th

We went to Kobe first thing in the morning after Haruhi came to get us. We took the rail to the station and caught the local rail into town. We walked by the port and saw an amusement park with several youngsters. We went to take pictures of the tower, aerofoil and buildings then preceeded to walk through China town to the station and back to the Shinkansen to head to oosaka.
In Osaka we took the wrong train and retook it back to Namba which took an hour. We walked Namba and ate curry omlets inside. the man wanted a picture with haruhi and preceeded to do so. Haruhi took a few pictures with local dining celebrities before we walked down a shopping street and harbour area. Afterwards we were tired and headed home. We went to shop in Nagoya station and bought much clothes from Uniqlo.
We then ate at a noodle places and I ordered the 3 set meal where one came with sauce and noodles/nato the other was curry noodles and the final was soba style noodles and this came with good wasabi and onions with a egg desert for 10 bux. Then we went to bic camera where I got a new extendable stylus and Andrea got a softcase as well as stickers for her DS We then tried to contact Jason but he had forgotten his cellphone but in the meantime we took pictures of nighttime nagoyua and went to the drug store to get more goods like wax and deoderant so we went home after failing to contact jay and watched shaolin soccer in japanese while putting on andrea’s ds things and prepared for the final day in Japan.

Japan day 14 May 10th

In the morning I dropped off Andrea at the station and called jay to get directions.
after that I headed back to sleep till noon and then we headed out to nagoya station to look around a little more.
We then ate at the curry restaurant we first ate at except now they had new ticket machines with lcd touch screens. I had beef curry with 3 pieces of beef.
we went to the same shop like ikea but in nagoya station as well as tokyo hands again. we then we through the underground food market place to look at expensive mangos, grapes and watermelon. strawberries cost depending on their color.
fish was really cheap and we would decide to come back later to buy discount sashimi.
i went to the book store to get my phoenix wright art book and look around at manga/game books before heading back down.
we tried to figure out how to take the express train then gave up to go buy the sashimi and go home to eat and watch tv.

Japan day 15 May 11th

the next morning we packed, met up with Jason and then took the pikachu express train to the airport.
we sat around the airport watching the companies mascots dance and sing. we decided to head in after looking around and ordering green tea frappachinos and looking outside at solar pannels and airplanes taking off and landing.
inside we bought food and prepared for our flight to Narita. In narita art got internet and we sat around as people piled up and people prepared to take pictures of a celebrity or politician.
on the plane back to vancouver we watched jumpers and a miyazaki documentary while playing bomberman.

Other stuff

The best thing about Japanese tv is the studio audience which are sometimes made up of celebrities. You get to see their reactions and opinion to things that range from serious to comedy.
There are shows that examine good spots for vacations but it adds some much needed comedy and suprises. There are also other programs that covers epidemics and cultural events.
The comedic shows are the best as they always come up with new funny ideas to hurt or pull of something amazing like drift park a RC car.
You’ll always see familiar faces across networks and thats also what makes it fun.

what suprises me the most is the lack of garbage on Japanese streets despite the difficulty of finding a trash can. Most are located inside eateries or by vending machines.
there was a escalator accident in Sakuradori line which was 1 min from where we stayed where the escalator jammed causing 11 to be hospitalized.

Coffee is really black and bitter here.

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