I’m enjoying Metal Gear Solid IV quite a bit right now. After the opening and a few playable parts and cutscenes you are thrown right into the battlefield. The graphics are stunning and scenes cut right into the gameplay as the Metal Gear series has always done. The environment is large and interactive like the previous games and getting use to the use of weapons again wasn’t hard, but I died a few times trying to find routes around the enemies because the stealth suit fails on me at the wrong times. It didn’t take long to get use to how hiding and avoiding detection works in this MGS, but while I was learning how to be stealth I found the iPOD in my inventory. It looks like while the world is going to hell with proxy wars and crazy mech armies, the iPOD continues to rule the this mp3 world.

While going through the intro bits of the iPOD in which they state we should be listening after our first play through because there might be spoilers (but there aren’t) I found it more comfortable to leave it on while waiting for guards to pass. They have a talkshow with Aki and friends, and a variety of music. I found it funny and oddly out of the mood when I had Jpop play while I was sneaking around heavily armed soldiers, but hey apparently it lowers Snakes stress level, which I have no idea right now why it’s beneficial. I guess higher stress is like smoking in the previous games and you start losing life. Another little funny I discovered while listening to my iPOD and that Ooishi Two-Han Jpop tune is that the little kid in the start menu (after you meet up with Octacon) dances when the kid hears it. Apparently each song affects what video uplink you get and the people in the videos activity. This is what I enjoy about the MGS series, theres so much going on around you and the fun never stops and apparently neither does the marketing.

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