Metal Gear Solid IV Limited Edition (4 LE) Unboxing

This is the Limited Edition box for MGS IV and was only available upon preorder. It costed around 20 bux more than the normal version, but it came with a nice cardboard box, which I originally thought felt like plastic. It doesn’t feel like cardboard, which tells us about the quality Konami put into this LE version. On the back is a removable cover which details what is inside, in fact it has to be removed before we can explore whats inside. As we pop it open we realize the case does not open like a standard case, which is a nice touch. We can see the bonus blu-ray making of disc and the game disc inside.

They give us a pretty nice warning about the spoilers ahead of time incase we decide to jump straight into the special blu-ray. Beside the movie sits the special edition soundtrack with tracks listed on the back of the spoiler sheet. What I love is how the special blu-ray comes with its own awesome cover thats different from the game cover and the box cover. Next to my game sits my white DS3, which I got at Nagoya stations Bic Camera and feels awesome in this game.

The art book is like any standard art book, but it doesn’t just provide pretty art, but bios and information on the making of the game as well. Good work Konami! Now keep this up for the next Suikoden and Zone of the Enders LE *hint* *hint*

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