Metal Gear Solid IV – End of Act 1 –

Act 1 was clearly a chapter used to get us familiar with everything. There were loads of weapons, very few dark areas, and a lot of support from the militia. Throughout this peroid we get to see a lot of heros and villians from the past games and get an idea of what is actually going down. Act 2, “Solid Sun”, looks like its going to be tougher apparently we have to earn support from the local rebels and sneak in the dark.

The mission briefing time is pretty fun, theres a lot to see while they are telling you whats next, you can use that little robot to hang out and see what Sunny is doing or you can explore the place. A lot of product placement PS3, PSP, Apple computers, Konami games and references are lying around. At the beginning of act 2 we get to see something disturbing. We get to see how Snake would look like if he had boobs, and if he had a bunch of robotic “Dr. Octopus” style tentacles sticking out of his head.

I work both days this weekend so I may not finish Act 2 until next week.

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