Battle of the ISPs – Telus VS Shaw

Here are speed results at 12 A.M.:

I live in South Vancouver and I happen to have both Shaw and Telus this month because of a free Shaw one month sample and decided to run a test. Both are basic plans, not the lite crap. So it is roughly 35~40 bux a month for each.

The results point out that Shaw has a more powerful download pipe and weaker upload compared to Telus. I know it’s kinda silly to write more about Shaw vs Telus because of a speed test website, but I’d been longing to do so for a while and these results pretty much reflect my experiences.

Shaw: $40.95/month (Click)

  • Up to 5 Mbps download speed
  • Up to 512 Kbps upload speed
  • 60 GB/month data transfer

Telus: From $35.95/month (click)

  • Up to 3 Mbps download speed
  • Up to 640 Kbps upload speed
  • 60 GB/month data transfer

Through multiple tests, which had similar results, show Telus’ upload is almost twice as fast as Shaws, which explains how I upload data to websites and FTPs at a more efficient rate. Bit Torrent and direct downloads on Shaw are quite strong reaching a total bandwidth of 650 kbs (at non-peak hours), something I can only dream of with Telus. With Telus I can only reach half of that transfer speed as the results above states.

But one little thing that is not noted is how my bandwidth is more stable and flexible on Telus especially when surfing while downloading. This consistancy is a big thing as I am a big multitasker. I admit downloading at 600 kbs is a lot more efficient, but at the cost of my ability to surf the web ( I love to overtab my pages ) while maxing my downloads. When I use telus I can max it at just over 300 kbs consistantly regardless of time of day, and still surf without any major delays or cost to my down/up speed most of the time. Of course many people may prefer to finish a important download while sacraficing their net speed for a small amount of time, but to someone who requires frequent updating, surfing and checking e-mail this method may be a burden. That said, using the net without downloads/uploads on Shaw is not much faster than Telus.

In the end I feel it really comes down to what a person prefers, pure power or a hybrid. I guess the comparison isn’t as fair because I’m not comparing two $40 plans, but the net speeds on both these ISPs feel very similiar. You will get more for your money with Shaw if you are a big downloader or gamer, but if you are sharing the net watch out if your buddy is a big downloader. There are also a variety of plans and one might choose and ISP just for that free month or free laptop, no modem rental or to save that $5 a month.

My personal history with Shaw was bad, long ago they said I overuploaded and decided to cut me off claiming I was on their top 10 list of overusers. Even before I was cut off I noticed a large capping of my speed through personal experience, internet site testing and my newsgroup speeds (They went from 600kbs+ to under 100kbs in days). This was back when I had a 20 gig hard drive, so obviously I wasn’t sharing a lot. Telus has been kind to me these past few years even though I have exceeded their limitations by triple or more and have yet to get a complaint. Both provide decent customer service, although I really do not like Telus’ automated service but their “human” help is efficient and usually gets the job done. I’ve known others who have been cut off by Shaw and quickly switched to Telus though, but all of them had one thing to say in the end and that was they missed that big download speed. In the end though they stuck with Telus despite Shaw’s aggressive campaign to get customers back.

So what isp’s do you use and how is the speed compared to mine? Drop me off a comment!

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