Trauma Center 2 next month!

The first game was quite an experience, and so much of one that I have yet to finish it! Trauma Center’s game mechanics are made up of so many stylus required missions and tasks that it put my DS to 110% use, and thats why now I fear to plunge back into the story after letting it sit for over a year. The story is great! Almost as interesting as Phoenix Wright, but its short comings are made up with challenging and engaging gameplay. Although the realism is a little off, it presents a chance for us to experience the same stress as a surgon and the same glory. Paired with a hot nurse, you will always have a lot on your hands (mostly blood for me) in every mission because the time limit is really unforgiving. If you’re looking for a “fsck off” challenge, and possibly hours of fun and/or frustration, the second game apparently will present us with the same tools used to cut open and patch up people (only if you want to). So get ready for it on July 1st, I know I will!

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