Middle East Politics: Looking for this book

I’ll rarely buy any book with a focus on middle eastern politics, but in this case Eric Margolis’ “AMERICAN RAJ: LIBERATION OR DOMINATION” explains how the entire world is absorbed and connected to everything that occurs in the middle east.

The middle east has the worlds most abundant supply of oil, but they also have the worlds largest supply of Freedom Fighters.  This book explores where they emerged from, South Asia, but behind that the United States.  In his research he connected the attacks on Mumbai to those Freedom Fighters from Pakistan.  These fighters, or terrorists, have been trained for attacks throughout the middle east, asia and possibly the West.  In the past the United States greatest ally against “terrorism” was Musharra for Pakistan, but in the same way his authority and the monetary support leaked out to fund these freedom fighter.  These freedom fighters fought for many reasons, what they believe is rightful liberation, fear of losing their religion, and last but not least for their beliefs.  But that doesn’t concern the people who fund them, those that support them want nationalism to weaken the more powerful countries throughout Asia.

Kashmir liberation threatens nuclear war between India and Pakistan, the liberation of Kashmir would mean great distraught to India, but to supporters of the industrial military complex, a outbreak would spark profits, and in these times of economic depression, what greater need is there for these nations to sell weapons.  The Uyghur revolt is also connected to these freedom fighter, to seperate Xinjiang from China, and until 9/11 these organizations were working furiously under the economic support of the CIA.  America’s intelligence agencies were also known to support many of the conflicts involving terrorists, but recently news of their actions have been widely coverage, causing the CIA to retract back into their shells.

The USA considers these Uyghur nationalists, who associate themselves with Osama Bin Laden, also formerly American funded, to be terrorists yet at the same time, they grant them asylum in America, and those captured and sent to Guantanamo are guranteed safety from deportation back to China and given a home in an allied country.  If any other nation grants terrorists asylumn or free them they would be considered terrorist supporters by the United States, however when America does it, its considered a part of “human rights, and democracy.”  This hypocritical mess is what America media fails to inform their nationals, but as the world investigates their foul play, more and more of America’s freedom and human rights, are based off of everything they are suppose to stand against.


Broken toe bushing

Well, looks like those DTSS eliminators for the RX-7 are required to fix the now disintegrated rear control arm bushing.  Now to decide on which one to get.  Invest $48 USD not including shipping and ~$20 more dollars Canadian to get them from the Racing Beat factory or to spend roughly $100 to get them locally. Or I could go a different direction and buy a complete set of polyurethane bushings for slightly less than $100 USD.  Oh the horrible choices…


A theory of relativity

This theory doesn’t concern physics at all.  In fact, my theory revolves around our essence, our spirit and soul.  We are in fact one soul living among each other, we exist, and stop existing as essentially as one.  We don’t follow a linear timeline, because we are all essentially each other, and the only differences that seperate us are our environment and our genes.  We could be anyone, or in fact have been others.  We share the same living cells as everything around us, and at the same time they with us.  I could as easily have been you, as you myself.  The only thing that allows us to differentiate, group, love and hate is what allows us to communicate with each other.  Words and language are the beginning of one.  This one splits into many numbers, 2, 4, 16, and so on.  Essentially we all return to zero, and from there we beginning to count again, until we are released and allowed to return to zero.

You are not alone, you are your own friends, family, and everything you desires.  Brought into existance because you are everything, but more importantly you are nothing.