New Suspension system and new bushings, but problems?

Had the Struts and springs installed installed within the past two weeks with a lot of help from Justin and the bushings with help from the while class.  Bushings only costed $45 ! Thanks to a site recommended by a fellow RX-7 Club member.  The car sits 1 inch lower, and there really wasn’t anything wrong with the old suspension system, but the new one feels a lot firmer.  However, several problems have arose from this upgrade, the first is directly related to the suspensions.  The tires now scrub against the new springs, and it scrubs enough to leave rubber marks and on the right side it actually scraped off the paint!  This problem is isolated to the front of the car.  While doing alignment, I’ve discovered another problem in the same area, but this time it is unrelated to the new suspensions, and it is that my right control arm is slightly bent, giving me much higher camber and casters numbers than spec.  The biggest problem is that camber adjustments couldn’t fix the problem but has minimized it.  Now continues my search for a new passenger side control arm, and if I get ahold of those I’ll need new bushings for both sides.  A lot of money and a lot of work! I’ve also scrubbed the bottom of my car already, off the alignment machine.


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