BCIT finished

With the passing of December 18th, my year with BCIT is done.  For good or for now has yet to be determined.  However, I did manage to pass all my exams and re-exams.  I did much better than I expected, but the re-exams were cutting it close.  I got 3, but I was suppose to only get 2.  2 exam questions from 1 exam was thrown out due to being improper, which propelled me into a week of studying for 3 exams.  I did all 3 realizing I only had to do only 2 at the end.  But it was all good because I managed to learn a lot from my week of intense studying.  Electrical was rewarded to me, and General maintenance and Steering were the ones I had to be concerned about.  I failed the two former by only one question, but they were pretty simple questions that I happened to overlook.  Through the last week of class I learned that the control arm I spent $20 on, but $50 on the bushings didn’t fit my car.  I also got spacers from my friend put in, which stopped the tire scrubbing on my springs.  The RX-7 also feels a little lower now that the springs have set in, because I couldn’t fit the schools jack underneath when previously I could.  Overall, I would rate the course a 4/5 because of the instructor was very helpful.  However, the multiple choices exams were very general, and lacked detailed answers and descriptions.  Now, to move on by planning JAPAN!