❀゚*。・゚✿*・.❀・*゚✿ ゚・゚*❀゚*。・✿❀゚*。・゚✿*・.❀・*゚✿ ゚・゚*❀゚*。・✿❀゚*。・゚✿*


❀゚*。・゚✿*・.❀・*゚✿ ゚・゚*❀゚*。・✿❀゚*。・゚✿*・.❀・*゚✿ ゚・゚*❀゚*。・✿❀゚*。・゚✿*

☆═━┈┈  ☆═━┈┈  ☆═━┈┈  ☆═━┈┈ ☆═━┈  ☆═━┈┈  ☆═━┈┈   ☆═━┈┈  ☆═━┈┈





◕ 。 ○ 。 ◕ ° ゚ ° ◕ 。 ○ 。◕ ° ◕ 。 ○ 。 ◕ ° ゚ ° ◕ 。 ○ 。◕ ° ◕ 。




キタ━━━(゚∀゚)━( ゚∀)━(  ゚)━(  )━(  )━(゚  )━(∀゚ )━(゚∀゚)━━━!!


⑧    ➑
⑧    ➑
⑧    ➑
⑧    ➑

 ♡═━┈┈ ♥═━┈┈ ♡═━┈┈ ♥═━┈┈ ♡═━┈┈ ♥═━┈┈ ♡═━┈┈ ♥═━┈

゜・*⋇▫☸⊱∗゚:ღ。☸。ღ:゚∗⊰☸▫⋇*・゚☸▫.❁ .。☸.。・❁*▫☸⊱∗゚゜・*⋇▫☸⊱∗゚:ღ

  ♥       ♥     *
 ♡ ♡  。   ♥ *       ♡  。


  ♪       ♪     *
 ♬ ♬  。   ♪ *       ♬  。

Kanayama today 10am. My first time biking there, surprisingly only a few minutes from Don Kiote. The first class went off nicely, students wanted to know where I was from. Went to Don Kiote and McDonalds before my 4 PM class. Had lots of time to plan the lesson. Got a cookie from the student, then went back to Don Kiote to get groceries and headed home.



Somehow I survived the 17 Class weekend. Now I know how a full timer feels. I don’t know if I have the skills to be a full timer at an organization as professional as Berlitz. I can barely hold up the quality of my lessons through 4 classes a day. I had some good sushi at Oasis21 yesterday, but thats the only thing I really enjoyed this weekend. Tomorrow I have classes at Kanayama. Maybe I could go to Kappa Sushi and Donquiote to pick up some storage stuff. I’m pretty sure I have a method on Tuesday, so I shouldn’t have too much fun…


Went to buy groceries at Donquiote. Was originally planning on getting a plastic container for my clothes, but ended up buying food. Passed by the 100 yen sushi restaurant, Kappa Sushi, but otherwise I spent the day watching more nico nico live and working on the clogged sink. Today was 830am work x2 and 745pm work x2. All that time in the middle was laundry, cooking, cleaning, and lining up for Achim to get his ipad. Its a fancy pad for $500 USD. 16 GB and Wifi, with apps that carry over. I can really see them replacing netbooks if they get cheaper. The weekend is coming and there is 17 classes between two days. Thats a lot of planning.

War Economy for Dummies! How to keep $$$ flowing.

Want your own successful country? Follow these 5 simple steps!

Create a Utopian society promising things you won’t offer until you are forced to through rioting or social discontent, which may threaten your existence.

Step 1.) Take part in a small or major conflict. However, don’t join in right away, wait until a possible victor is made obvious, then provide them with loans, older weapons, outdated training (so what if they suffer more casualties, can’t teach them all the tricks can we?) and morale support. Want to sell some old submarine technology, because yours needs replacement? Simple! Create a submarine conflict where your ally realizes they’re behind in submarine technology! (Because your other ally accidentally sold some to their enemies!) That works out well! Great jorb.

2.) When they are victorious, ASSUMING they are victorious, if not, then go back to step 1. Continue to collect loans at a slower pace, or redistribute the loans into setting up your enterprises in their country. If your post war allies attitude is negative (blaming you for joining late), then collect loans at a faster pace with higher interest, driving their economy into shams, then proceed to invade under the context of instability. Other examples you can use is that they are a threat to your friendly neighbors (if they still exist) or Weapons of Mass terrorism. Still can’t justify an invasion? Pay a crazy guy that speaks their language to become your diplomat and find another crazy guy to assassinate him.

3.) If you chose not to invade then continue to sell them weapons, which you will sell at a discount rate of “them paying back slightly less interest on their loans” also sell them pills, drugs and such to aid their recovery period from the war. The youths will thank you for it later! Take the profits and invest it back into your country, but only enough so that people become satisfied, but not too satisfied! We still need those unhappy and poorer peoples children to join our military, seeking a…future. CLEANING KITCHENS! While your friendly new ally is spending the next hundred of years paying back those loans, which will never end mind you. You will invest that precious money into some pharmaceutical companies. They will create super bugs never seen before in human history! Capable of eradicating society, for the purpose of research and to prove we can. YES, WE CAN! But of course we’ll have a cure. Oops. Did you lose a bottle of that mass human eradicating virus? That’s okay! Thats why we have a cure for ourselves. Oh, other people want it too? Sure! But for a price, lets say $1000 a shot. Costing too much? Don’t raise taxes, but lets cut medical and privatize it. Yes, competing medicine will keep prices a lot lower. Say, $999 a bottle. Great work! Now sell them to your allies or else one of your citizens might get lost and sick in their government offices.

4.) By now you should be rich and you and your friends should have given yourselves raises. If not, then shame on you. Shame on you and your non-caviar eating cabinet groupies…I mean members. Now its time to pave some new roads in your country, to keep everybody happy and content. They can enjoy cheap domestic cars to travel around, spend some cash, on gasoline, consumer goods, drugs, etc. and keep your economy happy. They’ll invest into your entertainment business, which has all the women that were too ugly for you to marry, but not to spend some special time with tonight. Those happy actors and actresses who are probably all related to you now will support your special campaigns to liberate any slightly dissatisfied country, which doesn’t have all the freedoms yours does.

5.) By now you should be lighting up a $1000 bill to light your fireplace. If you are not then you have failed. Whats the problem Jimmy? Everyone is happy and no one is joining the armed forces? Well, worry not! You can visit some other poor country, that you happened to suck up all the resources from, and offer them some support! Do they need a war? Do they need work? Oh! They need work! Offer their young front line positions in your military, which promises Citizenship! If they can survive the initial nukings and firebombs, they too can work in your soup kitchens with a degree in general arts!

There you have it! Repeat steps 1-5 as necessary! Whenever you’re running low on funds, or whenever your figurehead happens to be too smart for his own good. Even you can become President just by following these simple 5 steps! Now look forward to the next article, how to eliminate an inconvenient leader and use it to your advantage!

Korean Tensions

Ever since Korean relations went sour after the new President of South Korea stepped in, I have been thinking that the troubled relationships that occurred were not all coincidental. President Lee Myung-bak had been reversing all the positive goals achieved by the previous President. The sunshine policy was instead replaced by the toughest stance a South Korean president had taken since the Korean War. Things began to go sour bit by bit over the past 3-4 years. It didn’t stand out to the international eye, but as a follower of Korean relationships, I noticed South Korea began to force North Korea to change extensively for the price of economic and food stuffs. This aid which South Korea and the United States promises the North every year is usually never acquired because they also seem to upset the North before they could deliver it. So now that the South is taking this situation to an unrepairable stage, the United States, which is good at creating tension rather than repairing it, is again doing very little to stop the fuels of a possible large scale Asian conflict.

The South, which in recent decades had begun to see the North as a brother that had been torn apart by greater powers, is now isolating his brother in need. The North today cut off all formal ties with the South because of the blame being placed by the South for the sinking of a military vessel. The United States and the South had done nothing but blame the North from the very beginning. The North, which has very little to gain from conflict, was being put in the spot light again, not because of their missile tests or nuclear capability, but because they were seen as the only possible cause of the sinking. The North and South, throughout the decades after the Korean, have fought skirmishes since they are still technically at war. However, this event is different because for some reason, the West and South Korea are highly politicizing this event. Instead of looking at this situation with calm and logical decisions, both sides have so far allowed overwhelming emotions to dominate the presses. Everything the two Korea’s had worked for in the past decades is now in the garbage. The joint economic ventures, tourism, and friendly brotherhood will never be the same again. Much like how the economy and job market will never see the same glow for many years to come, the two Korea’s share a similar fate. One can argue that this tension makes sense, mainly because the news only shows negative views of North Korea. Normal readers will feel that the North brought this upon themselves. First off they believe North Korea pursued nuclear weapons illegally, then that North Korea allows their people to starve, and finally North Korea threatens its neighbors occasionally causing Asia from “growing.” But isn’t Western media wonderful? It allows us such a “unbiased” and “objected view” of the world. If Western media is objective then why does everything revolve on the “evil’s” of North Korea and the “justified” stance of the American armed forces?

The United States, as they usually are, were quick to prepare their military this week. Keeping in mind that North Korea was listed on the AXIS OF EVIL back in 2001, along with Iraq and Iran, and U.S. reluctance to remove N. Korea from the list until recently, shows that the U.S. are still interested in the region. The recent situation resembles many other incidents in the past. During the Vietnam War, when tension between North and South Vietnam were at their highest, the United States needed a reason to convince Americans to enter the “conflict” as it is still known in the United States, to a greater scale. Therefore, the Gulf of Tonkin incident was created. A phantom event where nothing actually happened to warrant military intervention in Vietnam was created. Other similar situations include pre-text for wars in South America, the Middle East and Japan’s own Mukden Incident to formally initiate World War II. I believe “evidence” can not be used until much time is spent examining it, and until formal experiments are conducted to conclude every result possible, leaders should keep their mouthes shut and do the job they owe to the people. That job is to promote a stable Asia, an Asia that doesn’t require outside interference to tell them that they are STILL an unstable region incapable of governing itself without help. Asia has matured since the 19th and 20th century, and will possibly surpass the rest of the world this century, as long as they don’t destroy themselves like several nations had done in the 20th century. It would be worse if these nations destroyed themselves over a missile that could have easily been stolen by anyone. This is especially possible because North Korea is a 3rd world country, and stealing a missile from them would probably be easy for any nation.

North Korea has been the most stable since the great famines of the late ’70’s thanks to South Korea, China and Japan’s effort to promote friendlier relationships and understanding among each other. This includes visa’s, sports events and Asian Union ideas. South Korea who put the most effort into this helped North Korea open its doors to the rest of the world, even to allow American visitors, investors, and professionals in. They teach English like a second language in the North Korean language schools and allows “limited” use of the internet. This stability as many believe was upset when the North continued to work on their Nuclear program, which originated back in the early 90’s. Believing it was impossible the fear of a nuclear North was dropped until its recent underground test. The fear created by the West was largely ignored by most of Asia. A nuclear North Korea? So what? Israel has nukes, as does Pakistan, India, China, Russia and the United States. No one will use them in fear of morality reasons and global repercussions. However, America keeps emphasizing this threat, and because of this the 6-party talks were created. The 6 parties include China, South Korea, North Korea, the United States, Japan and Russia. China has hosted most if not all the events and have done the best to stabilize North Korea politically in recent years. They take a firmer than neutral stance with the North and keep in order in exchange for aid. However, the United States keeps pushing for 6 party talks without a clear goal in mind. The only goal is an extreme one where North Korea has to give up all nuclear ambitions in exchange for aid that never gets delivered anyway. With the failure of most talks, the United States became frustrated. They say there’s more than one way to crack an egg. Maybe the United States have found their other way.

P.S. This sinking situation has coincidentally occurred just before South Korea election. There will be a great deal of sympathy for the conservatives this election. A recent election that saw “sympathy votes” was in Taiwan, not too many years ago. The president was apparently “shot” during his tour, however, evidence shows that there was already a bullet hole in the car windshield before the event occurred. As quoted from a South Korean:

“First of all, why has this happened now? We have an election in one week and many acts of provocation by North Korea have occurred in the period before an election. So we wonder – has this warship sinking accident been abused by the ruling party?

The evidence is not clear, yet our government takes the result of the investigation as a fact. But I wonder how the mark of the ink pen still exists [on the torpedo fragment] even after the explosion? And why has North Korea put a signature at the bottom of the torpedo?”



I decided to take my bike today because I wanted to prepare early for my class. However, on my way I was riding down a sidewalk which was split into two sides, one usually reserved for bikes and the other pedestrian. It was around 3pm so school was out. A bunch of kids biking down the pedestrian path led me to head down the Bike path. Although I was on the right side when I probably should have been on the left, the junior high kid, was looking me straight in the eyes and I back at him. I was hoping he would move but seconds later I knew he was up for a game of chicken. I was considering moving over, however if I did, he might have done the same. I couldn’t move right because of the street division and left would have led to a collision if he had chose to do the proper thing and move. We came seconds to hitting when I decided to move as far right as I could without hitting the trees and him slightly to the left. However, I took my foot off the peddle and he knew I had lost. He smiled as his bike grazed my pedal, which I felt and I had also smiled admitting defeat, because I was the first to break the staring contest.

Work went pretty well, my method showed improvement and I got some useful advice for my next lesson. Afterwards, Blitzwing and I went to eat sushi, and because it was his last day before heading to Vancouver, I felt he needed a last sushi meal in Nagoya. We then preceded for 2 hours of karaoke at the Nagoya Station Joy Joy which went by quick. After doing all night karaoke, all other sessions feel way too short.

Rainy day glooms

The rain has arrived, but has currently subsided. I’m not feeling very energetic, and I haven’t been feeling well these few days. Yesterday, I slept in the afternoon, and woke up pretty late at night, and didn’t get a lot done. Today, I went grocery shopping for some bread and eggs. Ended up picking up a little more and groceries for breakfast. I finally got my K-onbu hole punched and in rings. I saw a couple of people fall, first person off a bike, the second a blind man slipped on a curb, third a person slid off his scooter trying to stop for a red light. Nothing bad, just minor scrapes and bruises I assume, since they got up pretty fast. People are friendly and pull over to help. More methods tomorrow…


Yesterday, 1h30 mins was what my day was made of. 1h30min method with Ellijah. 1h30mins of karaoke with Blitzwing, 1h30min buffet with my friend. Then back home for a bit of rest. I got a chance to walk for 30 mins back to Sakae with my friend from Nagoya Station. It was a peaceful walk, and bike ride back. Then Blitzwing dropped by to turn my hallway into a shooting range. It was quite fun, but because we had work early tomorrow, we headed our separate ways in about 1h30mins.

Today was work! I am still having trouble with groups, but I am having much better time management with single student classes. Afterwards, I had some dinner with my friend at Central Park, then I went to look at some figurines and bbguns with Blitzwing, before heading back home to do some cooking and laundry.

Enough sleep

These past two days were nice because I got to get 18 hours of sleep out of 48 hours. Yesterday was tiring because it felt like I overslept. After getting up I went to do some cooking, cleaning, and then went to pick up my gaijin card. It was rainy and I underestimated the rain, which got me feeling pretty soaked by the time I got to work. After work Blitzwing and I ate at the restaurant near the radio tower.

Today, I got to do more cooking, cleaning and laundry. After relaxing in front of the computer for a few hours I headed out to Don kihotei. Along the way I was invited to the Outback to meet some friends of Blitzwing. We had a round, then headed out to the arcade. There we played various games against each other. Afterwards, we parted and I went to buy some groceries, before heading home to listen to some nico nico live.

I spent sometime today making a map of places I’ve been to:


Toyota City

5AM. Up and at em, and on the train my 6AM. Nice and comfortable, not much people. At the city, you see more people head to schools than business men to work. Alex had told me the once glorious new buildings by the stations, designed to educate employees at Toyota were forced to close because of the recession. It is a shame because the Berlitz building is really new and really nice, except for the fact most rooms have no windows, but instead central air. I met was first to arrive and turn on the lights and open up the staff room. After I had nice chats with the staff, and a class before heading off around Toyota City for 4 hours. I got to visit the Meglia mall, and see the iQ, Toyota’s new mini car on the streets. I got back after lunch, taught my last lessons, and had help finding my train back. The train back wasn’t so crowded but the further we got the more crowded it became. The more crowded it became the more perverted you look when girls are playing around in front of beside you. So I drew and tried to catch glimpses of scenery through them. REAL SCENERY, not their bodies. Toyota has some nice backgrounds, and I wouldn’t mind seeing it some more in the future.

I’m to turn 9/96 hours of sleep these past 4 days into a more balanced number.