Nagoya Aquarium

Before I lost consciousness last night from exhaustion, I thought about doing something special for my first, unplanned day off.  So, when I got up I began planning my bike route to the aquarium.  It was a sunny and hot day as I expected, and after I got the bike tires pumped up and fed the turtle I was off.  I got a little lost near the river and ended up going too far, then back over the other side, before I passed by a busy industrial area.  It seems like along the river are recycling plants and scrap metal factories.  There was barely any people, but a lot of cars and trucks driving around.  I found a MaxValu and 100 yen store, which I chose not to go into because it was almost 2p.m. and the Aquarium closes at 5p.m.   As I got closer I could see the large ferris wheel, and feel the ocean breeze.  The area was nice, and the milk tea I picked up from the vending machine after the hour long ride made me feel like I was in paradise.

Going through little twists and turns, I finally arrived between the ferris wheel and aquarium.  The aquarium was large and as I was about to find out, had two sections.  The first section was for whales, dolphins and other large sea mammals like them.  There was a show starting at 3:30pm, but I arrived at 2p.m., so I took my time looking around.  I ended up seeing a lot of familiar creatures that can be found at other aquariums in the North building.  Dolphins, Killer whales, porpoises and belugas.

The real fun started at the  South building.   I walked into a large dark room, occupied by a large tuna replica and several people, including a woman who I would see drawing sea creatures throughout the building.  There were huge schools of fish, sunfish and sharks.  Even though I’ve been to aquariums all around the world, this was amazing to see.  The next rooms were filled with specialty sea creatures which I have rarely seen outside of documentaries.  Deep sea fishes, unique jellyfishes, and sea turtles.  There was also a large penguin area, which was set up like the tank in Happyfeet.  It was kinda creepy, and their cries reminded me of Japanese horror films.  Needless to say, I was in a hurry by this time to catch the Dolphin show.  I had walked into this area earlier before I went to the south building, but at the time it was quite empty.  Now it was half full, and I walked into 3, 2, 1, jumping dolphins.  I saw and watched the 20 minute show, then I proceeded back into the South building to walk around and have a closer look at the big turtles and penguins.  They have 3D imaging for certain attractions, which reminded me of the 3D i saw in China, but not as nice.  It was still interesting to see, and by the time it hit 4:15p.m.  I was all done with the aquarium.  I walked around outside and looked at some buildings and ships, and then headed off back to Don Kiote.  I stopped by a few places along the way.  One was a large super market, and the other was a large computer department store with more staff than customers, much like the ones back at home.  I also stopped by Softmap to pick up my game controller for 580 yen.  I headed home, and made dinner and now I am relaxing.

Today’s News:  I see a lot of trucks and Taxi’s idling.  That can’t be good for the environment, the air, or cost saving in this economy.  I know people need a/c when they’re waiting, but this is why Pirus’ had to be invented.

Yesterday’s News:  Travis treated me out for Curry!

Tomorrow’s News:  I have my regular day off!  I’m going to clean the turtle’s nest and tidy up.



Today’s News:  Long gaps between a long day are a drainer.  I went to karaoke today and saw a gangster like guy scare off a bunch of parking enforcers from ticketing his car or his bosses car.  My favorite bread place had a late day sale, it was a nice discount.

Yesterday’s News: A long day.  Was really tried so I took the train.  There was really loud thunder, but Sunday’s are quite quiet and peaceful.  However, it was morning to the end for me.

Tomorrow’s News:  Another long day tomorrow except there will be a monitoring.  This time its 8:30am to 6:15pm.

Canada day and stuff

Today’s News: Today we celebrated Canada day at Sakae.  It was an hour long presentation with snacks and drinks.  After 5 classes, I was happy to find out my last two were CTL.  I allowed me to stay for the whole Canada day presentation and for Able’s farewell party.  Even though it was raining today, it felt like a sauna outside as I went to pick up my bike near Kamejima station.

Yesterday’s News:  I’ve been forgetting to water my sunflowers.  They are now drooping.  I need to keep giving it water, but at the same time I need to feed my turtle.

Tomorrow’s News: Another long day tomorrow.  9 classes with 5 in a row, before a 2 hour break in the afternoon. Is it time to move on to Kashiwa?  If I do leave Nagoya, I’ll have to update my address, my details, and move all my stuff somehow.  However, it’s a good opportunity to change things.  Being too comfortable in one place was never right for me.  Kashiwa is hiring, and I have a chance to move into my own place and live near the big city, but not too close.

Celebrating Canada day at Berlitz tomorrow.

Today’s News: Busy day.  From running up the stairs at 8:30, because the elevator wasn’t on yet to the 13th floor and a few consecutive classes, I felt pooped.

Tomorrow’s News: We’re celebrating Canada day at Berlitz Sakae tomorrow! Travis was setting up a Macbook for the presentation today.  Jason is also celebrating his last day at the Hub tomorrow.  I wish I could make it earlier but it looks like I’m working all the way until the end.  I will try to make it!

Yesterday’s News: I can’t even remember yesterday well. I think I was tired and rolling in my sleep. I sure miss a soft bed.

Speakers on!

Today’s News: After having lunch at one of many Doutours I’ve visited, Able and I went to check out a bookstore.  He showed a learning resource called Genki to me.  It looks to be an effective way to learn Japanese.  We then proceeded to check out the iPads at Softmap, but they didn’t have any.  I was testing out some speakers and found a pair I liked.  Logicool X5 for 1280 yen to replace my roommates speaker, which he took back.  They were out at Softmap, so I looked at a few things, namely a video controller for 500 yen before I went to Bic Camera.  At Bic Camera they had two left, but before I bought it I went to check out the iPads.  They had a large area to demo the iPad, and everyone was looking at one, so I went and bought my speakers and made a membership card at the same time.   On my way back to my bike, there was a woman in a wedding dress, probably advertising something and some other women were handing out Axe shampoo samples, which had on the ads Lil’B, best known for the ending song to Full Metal Alchemist.

Yesterday’s News: Slept at 5 A.M. I don’t know why.  Wasn’t tired.

Tomorrow’s News: I have 6 classes in a row.  I haven’t had that in awhile.  I don’t know what I’ll do if they’re all difficult material or students!

ƸӁƷ~ƸӁƷ~       ヽ(・ω・`ヽ ちょうちょまってぇ
ƸӁƷ~ƸӁƷ~  ヽ(・ω・`ヽ ちょうちょもうちょっと
ƸӁƷ~ƸӁƷ~ヽヽ(・ω・`ヽ ちょうちょおいついた!
ヽ(・ω・`ヽ  ƸӁƷ~ƸӁƷ~ちょうちょおいぬいた!
ヽ(・ω・`ヽ       ƸӁƷ~ しょぼんまってぇ

Cat Converters an original school research

On my way to work today I began thinking about cars in Asia and Canada.

The Catalytic Converter, is as much political as any other  social topic. “Cats,” short for catalytic converters, fit into everybody’s car, usually between the engine and the mufflers (a.k.a. exhaust). The main reason they exist on a vehicle is to reduce the emissions that are released into the biosphere and atmosphere. In the past, many manufacturers chose not to include them because they raise the cost of a vehicle.

Most modern cars come with 2-3 cats. One pre-cat after the engine, one full size cat in the middle and on some cars one pre or full size cat before the mufflers. On rotary engine cars there may be up to 4 cats. Their job is to prevent the release of CO2, NOx, and HC. HC and CO2 being the main culprits of implementing the use of cats. They can raise the cost of a vehicle by $1000 for parts and labour, and in developed countries one can say its a small price to pay for a healthy environment. However, in developing nations $1000 is enough to convince people to avoid automatic transmissions and accept standard transmission, which requires more education and experience. Cars that cost a thousand dollars more may put them in a different category and make them more difficult to sell. America had left out cats when they sold cars to China in the past, which studies showed help increase the amount of pollutants in the air and contribute to China’s current state. However, Americans could argue that any slight increase in costs makes their vehicles more competitive, therefore resulting in losses. Cats also harm fuel efficiency, therefore costing the car owners more in fuel costs.

Besides losses, many Asian countries chose to avoid paying more for an environmental “tax” may could not afford. Japan didn’t use cats in their cars, and I still believe they don’t. Many mechanics and researchers can argue that cats harm the engine and weaken the car’s performance. Besides clogging exhaust in the engine, and making it harder for a car to breathe, a car with cats suffers from long term damage. Imagine having your lungs filled with honey comb filters, which are inside of cats, and running in a marathon. Your body would probably collapse from lack of oxygen, or at least your performance would suffer horribly. The same thing happens to a car, and its the reason why people remove their cats and at the same time widen their headers. This allow the cars to breathe, but at the same to “pollute” more. Theoretically, cats don’t stop pollution, but insteads traps them inside of a metal container filled with filters so they don’t get released into the atmosphere. A cat needs to be changed every half a decade to a decade, if they aren’t changed then they breakdown, which doesn’t cause a car to suffer, but it will have trouble passing emissions. Without cats you car won’t be noticeably louder, but with larger headers, it will be. Your car will run a lot better, especially if you have a turbo charged car, but some cars may suffer because some modern cars are designed to run under a certain amount of air pressure, that if it becomes easier to breathe, it may become less fuel efficient. With a more unclogged exhaust system, from the engine to the mufflers a car may last longer. It won’t undergo any serious damage, and may in fact be more fuel efficient. With less cats being produced, there would be less factories polluting, less trucks moving them around to factories, and less mechanics being paid to do the work of changing cats for emission tests. This is starting to sound like the cat laws were created to maintain jobs rather than environmental protection. In most parts of North America cats probably don’t make much of a difference because of the smaller populations, however in countries like China I believe cats are much more important. Cars are becoming increasingly emission-free and the need for cats may one day disappear, especially with electric cars on the rise. However, it will be a hard sale in developing nations even if it is made a law. The price of metal and resources continue to rise even in a economic recession.

One may say that cats are a cash grab, like emission testing and others may say its necessary to protect our environment. There are two sides to the coin as I have noted. Damage to the engine would cause even more pollution, and the cats are eventually dumped in junk yards or metal yards causing biosphere waste. Cats will help keep metal prices high and profits of large corporations high. Not to mention cats provide any nation with large amounts of scrap metal, which may be used during war time to make bullets and armor. I for one prefer not to have cats on smaller vehicles that prove their fuel efficiency. Larger vehicles like SUVs, trucks and big rigs need cats. If you put a cat on a Toyota Corolla it doesn’t help its fuel efficiency nor its engine lifespan.

More than just pickles and solar chargers

Today’s News: Went to Don Kiote again. This time I was showing Achim around. I saw umbrellas with samurai sword shaped handles, and now I want one. I might get the 2000 yen speakers although they are only 5w. They cost roughly one of my classes, and are slightly cheaper than the speakers at Bic Camera. It has a sub woofer though so its not terrible.

Tomorrow’s News: Tomorrow I meet up with Able for lunch at Doutours. I can’t wait until payday to get some speakers.

Yesterday’s News: A lot of people are leaving Berlitz. Able, Alex, Arron, are leaving this month. Elissa, and I think a couple more are leaving in a month or so.

Was no murder.

The guy who committed suicide apparently left a note. He was no longer staying here either, but decided to end things from the highest floor. There were flowers for him. Maybe he was known here, maybe he knew he would get attention dying here. The Canadian English teacher decided to end it all on the 19th in the morning, and he got his wish.

Today’s News: I had Suzuki-san for 8:30 AM at Toyota. He seems to be getting stronger at usage and more confident. However, class pacing suffers a little, but I believe as long as he can use the language more fluently then it is okay. I picked up an extra 2 shifts at the end of the day as well. A level 1 chapter 1 student. I think I could have gotten further in the book if the chapter check paper wasn’t so damn confusing for new students.

Yesterday’s News: Closing at Ekimae was a bit of a challenge yesterday. I had a group for the first time in about a month. It was a group of 3 none the less. The pacing went well, and I got in two fluency activities. I spent a lot of time correcting though. Apparently all the tagged bikes outside of Sakae buildings got towed away because they were illegal parking spots. I had a picture of my bike in front of a do not park sign as an example of how this was all just a paper dragon, but after I got a warning ticket and know that the bikes were towed I know it isn’t.

Tomorrow’s News: Grocery day tomorrow. After Kanayama, at 9:15 PM I’ll head for Don Kiote, then to MaxValu.

Flowers for the deceased

Today is officially the first day of Summer.

Today’s News: Busy day. Big spaces between my shift. At least I get paid to go home. My first group in weeks! 3 people none the less. However, it went better than I expected.

Yesterday’s News: Been thinking about the cool stuff at Don Kiote. Besides the cool bicycle lights for only 100 yen at the DK dollar store, I am interested in the solar powered laptop/iphone charger and the Gundam head ash tray. Even though I don’t smoke I’d think it’d look awesome in my car.

Tomorrow’s News: Toyota for 8:30AM. Means I’ll be up at 5:30AM. Only 2 classes, then I’m free to do as I please. Will probably come home, shower, maybe karaoke at Nagoya Station. Theres nothing I need, but I do want some speakers for music.

Eyes on the tube

Today’s News: Watching Angel Beats. I wonder how it will end.

Yesterday’s News: It was hot, but today is better.

Tomorrow’s News: Early day tomorrow. All the way to the end.