End of week

Today’s News: Not so much a busy day, but a long day.  I had shine in the morning and then more classes at night.  I managed to get Leon his stamp and gaijin card today.  First, we had lunch by Nagoya Station.  Then, we biked around and we were able to check out Softmap.  I showed him how to get home and back to the stamp place, and it seems he was able to do it successfully.  We finished the day with snacks and mahjong, but like yesterday Leon couldn’t join us.  He was dead asleep once again.  I also didn’t win but came a lot closer.

Yesterday’s News: Blitzwing’s friend Leon arrived and we went to Yama-chan.  It was my first time there and it was alright.  The food resembled bar food, but in a more Asian way.  Afterwards, I played my first mah jong game in months if not a year.  It was quite enjoyable, but I didn’t manage a single win.  The day before, Blitzwing’s other friend came from Osaka, and we went to Matsuya.

Tomorrow’s News: Internet, move some of my things, and more address changing.


Today’s News: Early day of work today.  Shine was fairly easy to present, but I need to know the material better before I can make it less boring.  During my big break I went to help Alex move his luggage to the Shinkansen and picked up my keys.  Afterwards, I went to Blitzwing’s place to watch Top Gear Bolivia and then went to eat at Matsuya.

Yesterday’s News: Apparently my roommate isn’t happy about me moving, but didn’t make it public until today.  I did say I’d be able to survive in Japan without a job for 6 months, but there were complications namely on his side of the deal.

Tomorrow’s News: Another long day tomorrow.  I need to change my address, order some internet for my new place and begin moving.  I hope I have Wednesday off.

Long weekend is long

Today’s News:  This weekend has been one of the longer more dramatic weekends so far.  Two Berlitz employees are leaving and they happen to be two I have recently got to know well.  Elissa and Alex taught their last lessons (for now) at Berlitz today. I biked to Kanayama this morning before biking to Sakae.  Alex, who has taught at Berlitz for 5 years, had a nice little chat with me during our break.  It was a nice peaceful chat, just about little things, his moving out and leaving.  After class, Elissa, who did training with me, joined Brian and me when we went to lunch at the indian restaurant.  We had chicken curry with naan and ice chai.  Then, we went to the Kakouzan matsuri located by the shrine.  We didn’t stay for the fireworks, but we did visit the stands and the temple.  It was quite hot and after looking around we went to the konbini and then Starbucks. We took the train back, and then met up with Matthew, who had a pizza with us.  After pizza, I went to Alex’s farewell, and Elissa and Matthew went to Oasis21 to get a drink.  At Alex’s farewell party, he got what he wanted.  A small little party with 3 staff members and 2 teachers, including myself.  We spent a pretty penny eating and drinking, but it was quite nice to have a farewell dinner at the place we really enjoyed dinner at last week.  I’ll miss these little chats.  I got quite buzzed tonight, but people are going away and doing their own things.  Able in Tokyo, Alex in Australia, and Elissa in Germany.  Arron who trained us is also gone, and a few other people have been away on vacation, the classroom has looked differently and will continue to be different from this day forward.

Yesterday’s News:  I didn’t do much on Thursday.  Sat around cleaning the turtle then watching it swim around, what shall I do with you when I move?  On Friday I was in Kariya, I ended up doing my lesson 45 minutes early and got a bonus.  I ended up leaving a little later though because I had a nice chat about electricity with a teacher who is also great at art!  I had dinner with Achim at Saizeriya, then I went to pay some bills before heading to buy groceries. On Saturday I had a lot of classes!  After class I went to a Yakiniku place with Alex, which served beef that melted in your mouth.  We had a great time and spent a great amount of money.  Alex gave me some cash to pay his bills before we headed off.

Tomorrow’s News: A fresh start and Shine begins tomorrow.  I also get my keys from Alex during my big break.  I will help him with a bit of moving and see him off at the station.  He will leave everything in his room to me.  I have to ask about renewing my Visa soon.


Today’s News: Apparently there was a small Earthquake today.  I slept through all 5.0 of it.  Basic day of work, managed to get 3 goals in one lesson for the first time since I had the same student.  Lunch time spent eating at Saizeriya with Achim.  Then we went to play with Apps at the Apple store before I had to head back for a fun lesson with a lawyer.  Afterwards was 3 hours of training for BE5-8.  I don’t really look forward to the material, but oh well.  After dinner with Blitzwing and Achim, we went to the arcade to play one game of Project Diva.  I managed to do Electric Angel again on hard with a 72% score.  Much better than my fail on Extreme mode.

Yesterday’s News: My sunflowers snapped in half in the afternoon. =(

Tomorrow’s News: Another day off!  Going to do some cleaning.  Apparently I can’t move into the new apartment until August 2nd.  Plumbing will take longer than expected.  I should tell Alex to cancel the internet.

Julying about

Today’s News:  I completely forgot about hanging out today.  I receieved a text in the morning, and managed to confirm meeting up at 6:30 PM with my co-workers.  I was the last to arrive, at least I was on time, and we were joined by a few other co-workers.  We went to some Thai place for food, and afterwards to Starbucks to play some kanji games with the itouch.  Blitzwing and I proceeded to the arcade where he won us a replica arcade machine.  Project Diva was as packed as always, so I watched him play pop n’ music.

Yesterday’s News: I had lunch with Alex at the Indian place, then after work we went for a few drinks by Nagoya Station.  The beers were only 100 yen!  After we parted I played games for a bit before meeting up with Blitzwing for dinner by Nagoya Station.  There were some foreigners there who spoke Chinese and knew a bit of English.

Tomorrow’s News: A work day in between my two days off.  A busy one at that.  The 4x method will be quite exhausting I assume, but I’ll be able to teach BE 5-8.  Wish it was Shine instead.

Long Week’s end

Today’s News: Negotiated my new apartment’s rent.  Without Alex’s help, I’d probably would have signed a contract.  We were invited to a drink at the hotel lobby in Nagoya Station.  I ordered a Royal Milk Tea, which was pretty interesting.  Nobody really had experience bargaining, so in the end we all probably got a little of what we wanted.  I got them to fix the sink and shower, and they got a deposit out of me.  They probably wanted a contract and insurance as well as a guarantor from me, but the 1 month deposit made them pretty happy.  Afterwards, Alex and I went drinking.  He assured me he would pay off all his bills before leaving, and I was getting all his stuff.  He’s been nice to me and very honest.  To think if I had stayed in Vancouver, I would have missed out on all these wonderful people.

Yesterday’s News:  Saturday didn’t really feel like work.  Had 4 shifts, took a little nap in my room with the window open during my break, this is truly what happiness is.

Tomorrow’s News:  I’ll pay off the rest of the bills then give Justin the rest of next months money by the end of the week.  If Blitzwing’s friend actually lives here it’d be pretty cool.  Now I need to make copies of my passport and gaijin card, and get some bank information for my new place.  I need to treat Alex out to something nice for all that he’s done.  I’ve invited some people to check out the festival next weekend, I hope they can all come.


Today’s News:  Cleaned the turtle’s nest, and spent the rest of the day reading news.  Went to work to find out I had a CTL for my group class!

Yesterday’s News: Kim Jong-un is going to create a Greater Korean Republic!

Tomorrow’s News:  More Eikmae!

My Top 10 Hatsune Miku Songs

1.)  1925

2.) Electric Angel

3.) Melt

4.) World Is Mine

5.) Vocaloid In Love

6.) Wing (Tsubasa)

7.) The Disappearance of Hatsune Miku

8.) Your Diva

9.) Shinning Ray

10.) Koko ni iru kara

Tag Team Utopia

Today’s News: Got up around 12 PM or so, and got ready to meet Blitzwing at Sakae for some karaoke.  We had to leave at 3:45pm, so Elissa came to join us just before he left.  A few minutes after Blitzwing left, Achim came to join us.  He stayed for a few songs before leaving to work.  We were suppose to go to the gym earlier, but he was busy and I was sleepy so it worked out.  After Karaoke we went to have some dinner at the local gyoza place, before heading to Loft.  Blitzwing was off work, so I invited him to join us, and when he arrived Elissa headed back to Sakae for her shift.  We walked around a bit before heading to the arcade.  I played some project diva but did horribly.  Finally, as we parted ways, some of the newer guys who were leaving work ran into me as I got my bike.  They invited me for a drink, but I was too tired, and I still had to do some shopping and pay a bill.  I went shopping then got back pretty late, and decided to relax with some music.

Yesterday’s News:  I don’t remember yesterday too well. This has been a problem.  Good thing I keep a blog.  I think I had a few shifts at Sakae, then I went out for food, and chilled, before heading home to watch the Girl who leapted through time.

Tomorrow’s News:  Some late Ekimae shifts!  Was thinking about heading to some festivals.  I should plan to get my bus ticket to Tokyo soon.

Shine Days

Today’s News:  The move is almost 100% guaranteed. I need the full address to change my ID card and bank and work information.  After 3 long months I have finally given my roommate the optional 1 months notice.  I need to speak to Al about paying off the final bills and how bank transfers work.  I also need to inquire about the sticker for my bike and the fixing of the pipe and shower.  After my 2 lessons today, I went out to have Indian food at the local popular Indian restaurant.  We had All you can eat Naan and Curry.

Yesterday’s News:  Toyota for four entertaining classes.  Barely slept the day before because I was playing Umineko Episode 6!  It was finally released after 6 long months!  Alex and I went to pick up his glasses at Nagoya Station before we went to try the baths nearby.  It was definitely not the hot springs, but I had quite a relaxing time.  I also found out I lost 10 KG in my time here.  It’s probably a combination of daily biking, healthy diet, increased water drinking, getting out more, the heat and the stress I endure living with others.  On that note, I  need to get in more Bass practice time with Blitzwing.  With his help, I think I’m finally making progress.

Tomorrow’s News: Girls Dead Monster Concert on August 3rd!  I must get the day off.  I need to add another day off for my trip to Tokyo. Tomorrow is my day off so its a trip to the gym at 10 AM tomorrow.  I need to pick up a wallet from Blitzwing!