Mahjong Victory!

Today: I won my first full game of Japanese Mahjong today.  I was playing with the usual crew, and the last game before Boen leaves for Tokyo.  I just got killer hands, including flushes, straights, and all pairs for some hands.  Throwing away 1’s and 9’s helped a lot.  The score was high enough that nobody came close to my final score of 42000.  It certainly feels good to win.  Otherwise I spent most of my day playing Umineko and stopped by the 99cent store to pick up some drinks, dinner and other goods.

Yesterday: It was a killer long day of upper level, groups, Biz, for a total of 11 classes.  Its really exhausting.

Tomorrow: I’ll start biking tomorrow.  Then I’ll need to pick up the Bus tickets this weekend or else!


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