Today’s News: 3 Morning classes before moving on home to clean the turtle.  Afterwards, relaxed and then met up with Brian to head out to GIRLS DEAD MONSTER concert.  There seemed to be around 600 or more people.  We lined up over the bridge, and when we got in we were packed with only enough room to use glow sticks.  The concert was a nice experience, everybody was close to the action and there was a lot of energy.  It felt like a rhythm game trying to keep up the glow sticks with the song timing; definitely a good way to relieve stress.  After the concert we went to the gift shop and got some picks for 1500 yen.  We went to dinner shortly after at a Korean restaurant.  Finally, we went back to Brian’s to wake up Leon and play Mah Jong.

Yesterday’s News:  My apartment is being gassed, and drainage must be fixed.  Will probably move in on the 14th.

Tomorrow’s News: Concert is over. 11 Classes to teach tomorrow including upper level.  I need to get those train tickets to Tokyo soon! Akira is going home soon, so we must get in more Mah Jong time.


Today’s News:  Longest work day in history.  11 classes 8:30AM to 9:15 PM, with a 8:30AM start tomorrow.  Got in some karaoke too with Leon, Boen and Blitzwing.   Also did my first BBR class.

Yesterday’s News:  Played a lot of mahjong last week, also got in 2 days or karaoke after going for almost 2 weeks without.  It’s nice to keep the stress out.  Saw the World Cosplay Competitions, at least 2/3 of it, and also checked out my roach filled apartment.

Tomorrow’s News: GIRLS DEAD MONSTER!