All systems online

As I watch Windows home server blink that it has been 46 days since my last backup, I realized that its been over 6 weeks since I’ve had internet at my home.  There was a lot of trouble and headaches trying to get my internet, but in a country where two companies are needed to provide internet, I was guaranteed a long time away from the net.  I didn’t expect it to take this long though.  But being back I learned that internet isn’t something I need everyday.  I understand how much of the nation can get by without it now, especially the older generation.  I started to do many different things with my spare time.  From cleaning to reading, I found a lot of time to think and reflect and travel.

Even with internet, I spent most of today without it.  I went to meet up with Tin, who happens to have a birthday today.  We ate at the Chinese restaurant and then we drove to Round 1 near his place.  Since it was raining today, it was only 1500 yen for 3 hours of all you can play arcade.  You can sing karaoke, play older arcade games and play sports.  I found the driving games more entertaining than the music games, and shooters they had.

Afterwards, Tin left early and I played some more driving games and did a little more driving simulation before heading home on the Aonami line.