Kyoto and such

Went to Kyoto on Tuesday, and took a lot of great Autumn pictures, which are located on my facebook page.  After that, I had some short classes, on Wednesday, and on Friday I went to Karaoke after some more short classes.  5 hours of it!  Today I had some long classes and a kids class.  I was pretty nervous since it has been a while since I had kids classes.  The room was also boiling so I was sweating bullets!  After work, we went to Outback to have some steak with Tin and his student.  After dinner I practiced some bass.  I was really motivated today, and I got like 2 hours of practice in before heading home.  We practiced a Scandal song.  Korean tensions occurred today!


High Level Admin

Today I had the Tokai manager of ****mo.  When I walked into the room to prepare my usual greeting and setup I was thrown off guard by the way he announced himself as the Tokai manager.  He also had a more different aura and look than standard students.  He seemed to enjoy off topic chats about phone networks in Vancouver than on the actual book.  I had two groups afterwards who were pretty easy going. Tomorrow its off to Kyoto!

In the morning I had 2 early classes in Kariya.  The train to Kariya is always packed!  Almost no one gets off at Kanayama or Obu!  It seems all the high traffic is between Nagoya and Kariya.  What is in Kariya exactly?  All I’ve noticed in Kariya is an abundance of misquitos in the classrooms!  The students in Kariya are quite fun though.  One time I had one who said he couldn’t tell the difference between Shit and Shirt.  Today, the student was interested in where I was from, and said I was very young looking.  However, I think he was younger than me, but he looks older.  He did say he graduated only 2 years ago.  So did I but I spent more time in school than I had to.  My goal to him was to create a classified ad, seeking a girlfriend.

Lunch Lesson

Had my first lunch lesson.  It was quite nice, almost didn’t make it back to the LC on time, but somehow we made it right at the bell!  It was a nice 3 course meal, Salad, Omlette, Chocolate Cake, and milk tea.

Afterwards, I had two more classes.  I probably would have twitted this.

This week at the *EC

This weekend was real busy.

After work on Saturday, I joined Blitz and his friends for dinner at Yamachan.  I got to meet a few people, some were nice, some were rowdy, some were nice and rowdy.  Afterwards, we walked home, and I decided to head home first because Sunday would be a long day.

On Sunday, I went to work and finished 10 classes, with only 1 break.  Afterwards, I went to dinner with Mamiki, Kenny, Tz and friends.  We had all you can eat Sukiyaki and I was taught how to make it!.  Some people add vegetables, then meat, then sugar, then soy sauce!  You eat it with sesame oil and soy sauce!  It was all you can eat and delicious!  It was also all you can drink alcohol and regular drinks!

The next day was quiet, then on Tuesday everyone went for dinner at Saizeriya.  We talked about many interesting topics.  Today,  I had *EC out service and it was the day I’d get my ID card.  Everyone was here this time and apparently theres no class next week.  I’ll have to double check.  After work, I met up with Mei at Nisshin and we had dinner at this interesting little restaurant made up of smaller restaurants inside.  It was delicious! Rob and Mei paid for dinner so I owe them one!

*EC Outservice

Today, I had my first out service.  It seems every month or two I’m given something to be extremely nervous about.  Its not wonder my parasympathetic system is on the fritz.  However, hearing all the good things about out services I decided to give it a try.  I was happy to get the news from my IS, and until training I didn’t feel nervous or anything.  When I had my training I got a little nervous, because I suddenly remembered that an out service can have anywhere from 1 to 25 students.  Considering how nervous I can get sometimes, and it shows during class, I began to get nervous again when I learned there could be 7 people in my class.  After finishing kids training and a kids class last month, I was given something new to feel nervous about.

So today was the day of my out service.  I took the first 2 hours of my day preparing myself by familiarizing myself with the materials.  It seemed rather simple, but I remembered how weak I am with low level students.  However, I learned that this book was designed for true beginners and the instructions were very helpful.  Using a lot of the advice I quickly memorized a lot of the material.  As I took my train to the location of my services, which I will be doing once a week now until my vacation in February, I began to get nervous again.  I got off at my station, and I gave my co-workers a call.  He came to pick me up in a blue Vitz (Yaris).  He gave me the materials I needed, and drove me to my workplace.  It was fairly close, to the station, and even closer because he drove me there.  I noticed on Google Maps there was a big lake next to the company, and he told me it was clearly man made.  I didn’t know what to think, but when I got in, I noticed that this place was a place of business, and clearly not a place I have ever visited frequently.

From today, I would be visiting quite frequently, therefore after I got a guest tag, I proceeded to the very luxurious and big (compared to my LC) classroom.  In my classroom they took my picture, and after 10 minutes of prepping, my co-worker and a female attendant who left me a bottle of water, left the room.  If they had stayed I would have been even more nervous, because I was already trying to get into my groove.  However, as the students started piling in I regained my usual composure, and because the room was so well set up for a class I was able to relax quite quickly and following the course material everything began to go smoothly.  Sure, they were beginners to the core, but the material and level on instruction made it easy to get everyone using the language effectively.

After a short break and a little review, we jumped into more difficult topics.  It seemed a bit difficult for some of them, but as they all helped each other, and as I monitored, everyone began to use it quite well.  By the end of the class they could all greet each other, describe what they did, and say goodbye.  I would say by the end I had the stress taken out of me, but actually the stress was gone about half way through the beginning of class.  It was mainly because only 4 of the 5 students showed up, so it was a slightly bigger class than at my usual workplace, but the room was much bigger, and because the groups were even things went smoothly.  I was told I might get more students if any missed classes from other classes, but I think things will work out fine.  My walk back to the station was quite nice, the cool wind from the lake was cold, but I didn’t mind.

Many ways away

How close you are,

You are a million light years away,

But how beautiful you shine.

One day when the sun faces here I’ll be visible to you.

But today, I’m just one light year away.

Chapter 1: k9’s of resistance

The reason we fight is to return things to the way they were before.  That is why…no that is why we had to fight.  I knew there was no way things would return to the way they were before.  I knew, because I didn’t want it to return to the way it was before.  I’m happier here.  I happy I got sent here.  The way things were before, that way of life, they way people thought we could go on living in peace forever, what a joke that was.  It was like a lame graph which showed that sales could only go up and up.  Even in those eras sales never went up forever, there was always a time for suffering.  This is our time for suffering.  No, not my time.  Everyone else’s time.  For some odd reason I’ve been sent to Capital Tower located far in the North away from all the fighting to live with these furry friends of mine.  I have always had a connection to animals, and them to me.  Maybe it was what they taught me when I was a child, the gentle way to approach each animal, big or small, was the key.  Many people just reach out, and in that sense they’ve already become a threat.  Anyhow, this warm, large simulated farm is a great place, nice and warm unlike the frozen tundra and snow visible from outside the only window mysterious planted in the projected image of a barn.  Its rather funny to look into a barn and see the outside when our reality inside is also outside.  Clearly, the animals love, but if they knew what was on the other side, they’d probably feel depressed, as I do sometimes.  No one likes the feeling of being trapped, but I guess they put it there to remind me of my duties.  If you can call these duties!  Day in and day out these dogs, no friends, of mine would be fed, petted, and trained by me.  Obedience training.  You know, the basic sit, speak, fetch, drop, play dead, and so on.  This has been going on for how long?  However long, I only get visits once every few weeks to make sure that the dogs aren’t being spoiled, and that I’m being properly trained to train.  Which actually sounds rather funny.  They would sometimes send in cows covered in what I’m told is squid ink.  Why?  Who knows, they told me its so the animals can recognize the scent, and in this sterile environment the scent would become stronger, and so it would become more familiar, if we were to say let one of the dogs out, and it happened to get lost.  No argument from me, its true this projected farm is sterile, but it could just be that I’ve grown accustomed to the smell of my friends, no maybe its the other way around.  So, we would hold these training missions for days and months.  It didn’t feel like training missions, but they could be exhausting some days.  Some days, the dogs would have to crawl under the cows without being detected or without touching the inked cows.  The dogs themselves may be covered in ink some days, and some days they would wear a back pack on their backs, just to see how close they can get under them without actually touching them.  After a long day, we would all take a group bath and shower, and eventually fall asleep under the simulated stars.  The stars were beautiful, and I’m sure the dogs enjoyed the constellations as much as I did.  Thats what I thought every night before bed.  Several months pass, and then they began to take a few dogs away for “breeding” and every time they took away one of my friends they would bring two more, up until the point where the farm had thousands of my furry friends.  I began to work harder everyday, but a few thousand dogs were no trouble for me.  They began to get more and more intelligent and began moving in packs to my commands.  They were becoming, no they certainly were more intelligent than any land animals.  They must be giving them a new sort of drugs, but how do they get the resul…. No, they couldn’t be testing on my old friends could they?  The next time someone arrives I’ll be sure to ask them.  Few months pass again, and I always miss my chance to bring it up.  Its very difficult to speak to these people.  I finally decided to ask them, but when they arrived this time they said, “time to go.  No time to pack.”  “Hey, hey you can’t just take all of us,” I said, but they just ignored me.  I wasn’t quite reluctant to go as I could finally find out where all my friends had been going.  The ride was long, and during the trip I was to clean myself, and get dressed in a uniform, which was actually only the second time I had worn one.  I was then allowed to rest…. Explosions could be heard in the background as I awoke.  There were sounds which were unfamiliar to me, and sounds that were familiar.  My friends…  Where are they.  There was no one left on board, the hatch was open, and I stepped out.  The earth was similar to the farm, but it was different.  You could smell the dirt, and feel the wind.  The cool gusts that hit me were so cold, that it reminded me of the frozen earth that laid outside our projected farm.  Outside was, no, outside were all my friends.  All dressed up as they had been for the training with the cows.  The little uniforms and bags, were almost cute, but there was nothing cute about the tension that existed. They all had backpacks and as did I.  They all looked at me as if waiting orders…  They did not move except to face me.  How many of my friends were there?  There had to be millions.  Had I trained this many?  No, there were others, but they stood far away that to me they looked just like the dogs, but standing erect.  There had been another smell in the distance.  A smell of ink.  Don’t tell me theres going to be cows with ink again.  But this was no training, this was the horror that stood before us, what I didn’t understand was why we were here.  That training couldn’t have been for… No thats not right.  We’re not going to send the dogs to detonate under them are we?  I’ve read about this tactic before, but why didn’t I see this coming.  Before I could say anything or reach the other soldiers they had already been killed.  The dogs however, just stood there.  How did they die, I couldn’t even see…  As they arrived, I had been given no orders.  Am I also to stand here awaiting death? In fact, I didn’t have to do anything.  What came towards us wasn’t anything strange, but what appeared to be our troops, they were fleeing something.  They smelled like ink.  Huh…  Before I could think a few thousand of the dogs were off.  “Wait sto…” But before I could say anything they had already reached our incoming allies.  The dogs appeared to be going around them, but then circles back.  Most of the soldiers had not noticed the dogs.  Had they been blinded?  No… They could see, but I wouldn’t call it seeing.  The troops were alive, but I wouldn’t call them alive.  The other trainers that were with me had ran forward, and thats how he died.  I just thought I didn’t see it, I just thought it was all in my head.  As I though this the dogs had gotten themselves under many of these “troops” and like the stars I had saw projected above the sky those days, I saw in front of me.  Millions more were coming into existance… in front of me.

Chapter 1

What happens when the flowers stop blooming, is what we’ve always worried about.  What happens when we’re no longer here to see the flowers blooming is what we should have been worrying about.  Life is strange, the weakest form of life, always ends up surviving the longest. The most complex beings are the ones that fail to live forever, ironically they are the only beings that want to live forever.  Most creatures that remain here today only want to sit in the sun with full bellies.  Yet here we are, with neither bellies that need filling, nor vitamins from the sun.  Placed here by those who wanted nothing to do with happened 30 years ago, we are here to remind those who happen to stumble upon us, what they should fear.  A modern day cave painting.  But can one interpret cave painting without comparisons?  Nothing here exist anymore.  I’m just here to make it so they can understand.  If they are willing to learn.  To understand what happened then and why it had to.  To tell you. To tell you that this is what happe….will happ….happened….

An Xiety Syn Drome

The moon and the sun, the night and the day, the yin and the yang.  The world is enslaved by these two balances of power, which keeps all living things in balance.  If white is always good, then black is always evil, these are how the rules are viewed from the dimension we exist in.  Until today, things were always in balance, and if balance exists, there will always be the lack of balance hiding from within the shadows awaiting an opportunity.  It waits, and it will always continue to wait for its chance to shine.  Alchemologists, after thousands of years of peace, finally decided this century to explore this other side of the coin and so it happened… Destruction bloomed here 30 years ago…

Vancouver in less than 4 months

In less than 4 months I’ll be back in Vancouver for a short visit.  The first thing I should do is register for my re-entry permit.  It will set me back as much as my Hatsune Miku Giving day concert.  However, I’ll be able to leave and return as many times as I please.  I’ll probably pick it up after my Tokyo trip in December.

When I’m back I’ll go visit some friends, but first I’ll probably pick up gifts in Tokyo.  Something for my family and friends, probably food or unique trinkets.  I need my teeth cleaned, because they’ve been stained these past few months.  Japanese foods seem to stain teeth a lot more effectively.  Most importantly I need to pick up a LED LCD Monitor from NCIX, my PS3, Heavy Rain, Capcom VS SNK2, Red Dead Redemption, and Sakura Wars IV.  Maybe a proper power plug will also help me with all my devices with grounds.  I also can’t forget my cables and what not.  Deodorant and other toiletries will also help make my life a lot easier.  There are new dress shirts awaiting me back home as well.

I hadn’t planned to stay over a year, but there hasn’t been enough time for me to see everything.  Also it’d be nice to go back to Vancouver with a little more money.  I’ve learned many things in Japan in the past 7 months.  Its mostly not new, but a confirmation on things.  Since the first day of high school, I knew that a change of scenery doesn’t mean a change of much more than that.  You make new friends, who will come and go, as will the pain.  I can remember how painful it use to be having your friends leave.  Its strange we can get use to such feelings.  Maybe its just a sign that we’re human and we can adapt to almost everything.  7 months, they passed by really fast.  I’ve done a lot more these 7 months than I probably have in a few years.  I’ve made new friends, and when I return, will things be much different?  Change is something we’ll adapt to as well, it’ll become interesting and scary at first, but as it happens and as we age it all just becomes a natural part of life.  Like the mountains, the sea, and the animals of the Earth.  What we should look for isn’t out there.  Its here, its with what we have, we don’t have to look very far, because its always been here. I think.