Chapter 1: k9’s of resistance

The reason we fight is to return things to the way they were before.  That is why…no that is why we had to fight.  I knew there was no way things would return to the way they were before.  I knew, because I didn’t want it to return to the way it was before.  I’m happier here.  I happy I got sent here.  The way things were before, that way of life, they way people thought we could go on living in peace forever, what a joke that was.  It was like a lame graph which showed that sales could only go up and up.  Even in those eras sales never went up forever, there was always a time for suffering.  This is our time for suffering.  No, not my time.  Everyone else’s time.  For some odd reason I’ve been sent to Capital Tower located far in the North away from all the fighting to live with these furry friends of mine.  I have always had a connection to animals, and them to me.  Maybe it was what they taught me when I was a child, the gentle way to approach each animal, big or small, was the key.  Many people just reach out, and in that sense they’ve already become a threat.  Anyhow, this warm, large simulated farm is a great place, nice and warm unlike the frozen tundra and snow visible from outside the only window mysterious planted in the projected image of a barn.  Its rather funny to look into a barn and see the outside when our reality inside is also outside.  Clearly, the animals love, but if they knew what was on the other side, they’d probably feel depressed, as I do sometimes.  No one likes the feeling of being trapped, but I guess they put it there to remind me of my duties.  If you can call these duties!  Day in and day out these dogs, no friends, of mine would be fed, petted, and trained by me.  Obedience training.  You know, the basic sit, speak, fetch, drop, play dead, and so on.  This has been going on for how long?  However long, I only get visits once every few weeks to make sure that the dogs aren’t being spoiled, and that I’m being properly trained to train.  Which actually sounds rather funny.  They would sometimes send in cows covered in what I’m told is squid ink.  Why?  Who knows, they told me its so the animals can recognize the scent, and in this sterile environment the scent would become stronger, and so it would become more familiar, if we were to say let one of the dogs out, and it happened to get lost.  No argument from me, its true this projected farm is sterile, but it could just be that I’ve grown accustomed to the smell of my friends, no maybe its the other way around.  So, we would hold these training missions for days and months.  It didn’t feel like training missions, but they could be exhausting some days.  Some days, the dogs would have to crawl under the cows without being detected or without touching the inked cows.  The dogs themselves may be covered in ink some days, and some days they would wear a back pack on their backs, just to see how close they can get under them without actually touching them.  After a long day, we would all take a group bath and shower, and eventually fall asleep under the simulated stars.  The stars were beautiful, and I’m sure the dogs enjoyed the constellations as much as I did.  Thats what I thought every night before bed.  Several months pass, and then they began to take a few dogs away for “breeding” and every time they took away one of my friends they would bring two more, up until the point where the farm had thousands of my furry friends.  I began to work harder everyday, but a few thousand dogs were no trouble for me.  They began to get more and more intelligent and began moving in packs to my commands.  They were becoming, no they certainly were more intelligent than any land animals.  They must be giving them a new sort of drugs, but how do they get the resul…. No, they couldn’t be testing on my old friends could they?  The next time someone arrives I’ll be sure to ask them.  Few months pass again, and I always miss my chance to bring it up.  Its very difficult to speak to these people.  I finally decided to ask them, but when they arrived this time they said, “time to go.  No time to pack.”  “Hey, hey you can’t just take all of us,” I said, but they just ignored me.  I wasn’t quite reluctant to go as I could finally find out where all my friends had been going.  The ride was long, and during the trip I was to clean myself, and get dressed in a uniform, which was actually only the second time I had worn one.  I was then allowed to rest…. Explosions could be heard in the background as I awoke.  There were sounds which were unfamiliar to me, and sounds that were familiar.  My friends…  Where are they.  There was no one left on board, the hatch was open, and I stepped out.  The earth was similar to the farm, but it was different.  You could smell the dirt, and feel the wind.  The cool gusts that hit me were so cold, that it reminded me of the frozen earth that laid outside our projected farm.  Outside was, no, outside were all my friends.  All dressed up as they had been for the training with the cows.  The little uniforms and bags, were almost cute, but there was nothing cute about the tension that existed. They all had backpacks and as did I.  They all looked at me as if waiting orders…  They did not move except to face me.  How many of my friends were there?  There had to be millions.  Had I trained this many?  No, there were others, but they stood far away that to me they looked just like the dogs, but standing erect.  There had been another smell in the distance.  A smell of ink.  Don’t tell me theres going to be cows with ink again.  But this was no training, this was the horror that stood before us, what I didn’t understand was why we were here.  That training couldn’t have been for… No thats not right.  We’re not going to send the dogs to detonate under them are we?  I’ve read about this tactic before, but why didn’t I see this coming.  Before I could say anything or reach the other soldiers they had already been killed.  The dogs however, just stood there.  How did they die, I couldn’t even see…  As they arrived, I had been given no orders.  Am I also to stand here awaiting death? In fact, I didn’t have to do anything.  What came towards us wasn’t anything strange, but what appeared to be our troops, they were fleeing something.  They smelled like ink.  Huh…  Before I could think a few thousand of the dogs were off.  “Wait sto…” But before I could say anything they had already reached our incoming allies.  The dogs appeared to be going around them, but then circles back.  Most of the soldiers had not noticed the dogs.  Had they been blinded?  No… They could see, but I wouldn’t call it seeing.  The troops were alive, but I wouldn’t call them alive.  The other trainers that were with me had ran forward, and thats how he died.  I just thought I didn’t see it, I just thought it was all in my head.  As I though this the dogs had gotten themselves under many of these “troops” and like the stars I had saw projected above the sky those days, I saw in front of me.  Millions more were coming into existance… in front of me.

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