High Level Admin

Today I had the Tokai manager of ****mo.  When I walked into the room to prepare my usual greeting and setup I was thrown off guard by the way he announced himself as the Tokai manager.  He also had a more different aura and look than standard students.  He seemed to enjoy off topic chats about phone networks in Vancouver than on the actual book.  I had two groups afterwards who were pretty easy going. Tomorrow its off to Kyoto!

In the morning I had 2 early classes in Kariya.  The train to Kariya is always packed!  Almost no one gets off at Kanayama or Obu!  It seems all the high traffic is between Nagoya and Kariya.  What is in Kariya exactly?  All I’ve noticed in Kariya is an abundance of misquitos in the classrooms!  The students in Kariya are quite fun though.  One time I had one who said he couldn’t tell the difference between Shit and Shirt.  Today, the student was interested in where I was from, and said I was very young looking.  However, I think he was younger than me, but he looks older.  He did say he graduated only 2 years ago.  So did I but I spent more time in school than I had to.  My goal to him was to create a classified ad, seeking a girlfriend.

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