Masters (Retroactive)

We are not our own masters, we’re not even close.  The reason we exist as I have said before is the need for smaller organisms to survive, in a harsh environment.  Imagine astronauts in a spacecraft heading to some planet in a future.  However, living in a spaceship is risky, its not natural, it doesn’t come in contact with nature, and if it breaks in the slightest bit the people inside are doomed.  So what’s more important than an organic spaceship, with the ability to be easily healed by those inside, and easily protected from other more harmful organisms that may bully you.  In your organic spaceship, the most necessary processes for the life of the ship and those living in it are the factories which process the food and necessities you seek from the outside.  If all conditions are right, the needs move beyond food, even with enough food, water and shelter, the organism may form its own sense of existence.

The selectiveness of things inside the spaceship and outside bond to seek something greater. Much like when you’re poor, all you can think about is where your next meal is coming from and survival.  When you move on you seek greater things, we seek greater things, and desire feelings which allows the motivation to continue to seek the basic necessities of survival.  What need need now is to know where these limits bring us.  Dinosaurs probably grew much too big, and required too many resources, but at the same time brain function and desires much too low.  The lack of intelligence did not help the species of dinosaurs survive major catastrophes and protect its passengers.

Humans however, are on to something.  To protect our passengers who clearly want to survive, unlike our Panda mammal buddies, we use our motivation to seek, to innovate, to create fear, to predict the utmost worst disasters that can happen, but at the same time risk our lives to make life easier.  We can debate, we can feel, but that’s because over millions of years, we’ve reached the evolutionary point, that the planet needed.  However, we are also at a point where we are harming our planet, forgetting our original goals of helping it and ourselves.  Wither our planet will keep us or not is up to us.  Wither we survive or the planet waits another million if not billions of years for another intelligent being to thrive and bring the life stream of Earth abroad is up to our evolution, our intelligence and our ability to survive for the sake of our masters.

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