Wet Day

What started out as a wet day, with a lot of emergency sirens, turned out to be the wettest day in Nagoya this year.  Flooding caused by the typhoon in major areas and several stations have led to people being trapped at work, or in their offices because they can’t drive or catch a train home.  My last two shifts were cancelled, so I didn’t have to leave the apartment at all today.  After looking at some pictures I felt I needed to call the office and upon calling, they informed me that the office would be closing at 7:45.  I can still hear a train every once in a while now, but I would usually hear a train once every few minutes.  A lot of people are still stuck out in the boonies, because the flooding has blocked roads and tracks.  Some stations are completely flooded and the Meitetsu seems to be down for good. The local city has warned people to be careful and to watch out for overflowing rivers.  Some cars can be seen submerged, which is a grim reminder of the 3/11 Earthquake.  What I’m left wondering is, why is it still so hot? My guess is this Typhoon is bringing hot air from the South Pacific up towards us to add more heat to our hot, hot September weather.

Local Photos: http://matome.naver.jp/odai/2131649135221483501/2131650967521874503