Reaccounting Okinawa Day 4

Today was the big day for our biggest destination. Shuri castle. We got up late again and skipped breakfast. Today was our first day on the monorail and we rode it all the way to the end at Shuri. There we were intercepted by a taxi driver on his day off and he told us of a magical boat adventure with fish we could see. My friend bargained him down to 3000 yen and he reluctantly accepted. So we went and visited this place on Ojima island. It was a 30 minute taxi ride and 1500 yen for the ride. We got to see many beautiful fish and deep sea scenery through the boat. The taxi driver then dropped us back at Shuri castle and we started our adventure 1 hour and 30 minutes late. We made our way through the outside of the castle and into the main castle which was styled after Japanese and Chinese designs. There was a golden bench in the family room. After that there was the gift store which didn’t have anything impressive except high prices. I bought a coin for my coin collection then we proceeded out. Speaking of which, we didn’t have any food to eat so we decided to head to the rest stop and get some fried rice and Takoyaki. I proceeded to get bubble tea then we headed to the mausoleum. It was a rather small place. Just a big mausoleum and the museum below. We proceeded back to Shuri castle to check out the view from the park. Then we headed to the man made lake to see some strange looking ducks and ducklings hunt for fish. They were strong enough to climb the stairs and make it to the top with its ducklings. Some ducks proceeded to mate and the biggest one made hissy sounds while having something on his head rise up. We were finally do me and headed back to the station.

We went back to the hotel to get some rest before the fireworks. We walked to the harbor which was pretty close by. Thee were a lot of people there earlier for the dragon boat races and a lot of food stands. I, however had gotten taco sushi from Family Mart and so I only bought some Sanbincha to drink. We stood on the bridge to take pictures and videos and to watch traffic grind to a halt on the bridge because cars were stopping to watch the fireworks. They were really nice and colorful and only 15 minutes long. Afterwards, we proceeded down to the stands but didn’t get anything. Leaving was a little hard so we took a short cut to also see 3 guys on modded bikes. Crowds of people were taking pictures and women were asking to pose on them. After all the hard walking we decided to get some food and went to look for food. Failing to find anything we ate McDonalds and got dessert at Blue Seal. This time we got crepes with cheesecake. With a failure of a dinner we swore to try harder to look for do do the next day.



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