Reaccounting Okinawa Day 2

Day 2 began with sunshine and the desire to go to a beach. We made our way North West this time to the ruins of the fallen Nakagusuku castle. There we had a taste of Sataa Andagi for 100 yen and mango ice cream before heading into the ruins. The massive ruins provided a great view of the pacific ocean and surrounding structures. To be honest most places provided nice views on the ocean on this small island.

There was a mysterious abandoned structure next to the ruins and may have been an old resort. The ruins had a lot of high points and narrow paths along dangerous cliffs but at the end there was a beautiful grass field and a wider view of the ocean. The gate way and stones were particularly well designed and climb able although dangerous.

Afterwards we walked back and proceeded to the traditional Nakamuara house. We saw a lot of Shisa, also known as lions, there and all over the area. They are really popular dogs like statues that can be found in many asian countries and act as guardians.

Then, we headed North West to find underwater boat but failed and decided to go to Manzo beach. The view was incredible a Manzo peak. It was ocean all around different peaks and below was an angry rocky blue sea. I would learn later that I received a horrible sunburn which is still with me today as a dark tan. We parked far from the traffic so the walk back was past some bushes.

Afterward, we decided we should eat, but turned into Moon beach. There we decided to eat, I got some taco rice again then we proceeded to the gift shop. There were many Shisa, Chinsuke cookies and special Okinawa only foreign goods like Rootbeer. I bought an Umi shu shirt, just like the one Kimura wore in Azumanga. We then dumped our stuff and headed to the beach. I brought swimming shots but forgot another dry pair so I swam in my boxers. In the warm light blue sea was an abundance of bleached coral we decided to pick up and bring home.

About an hour later we decided to get snacks from the gift store before heading out again. The long drive back was not complete without a stop at American village next to the US military base. There were a lot of foreigners and a lack of sushi restaurants. Parking is definitely easier to find in Okinawa. We walked around looking at people and goods and for a restaurant. We decided to eat at Bollywood Indian cuisine and I ordered the special mango curry with cheese naan while my friend got a vegetarian one with kabuli naan.

Then we proceeded to explore and check out the arcades and the waitress uniforms from a restaurant called sunrise. Cute waitress outfits were a selling point there. There were many trucks and sports cars in the area. Definitely a lot of cute girls too.

We were then on our way home to finally park in the parking garage that was denied to us last day.



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