Recollecting Okinawa Day 5

Not expecting much we decided to try to rent a car again today. We somehow got lucky and got to rent a car for 3000 yen. This time we got a Mazda Demio, and it was only 3 months old! It felt quite different from the Toyota more sporty and stiffer stiffer springs. We decided we would try to do a beach once more, but it was not to be.

We ended up going to the underground naval base which served as command during WWII. It was a deep. Tunnel with many small dug out rooms. Some were filled with holes and others had generators. One of the pictures of crowded soldiers in one room looked like a Tokyo commuter train I joked, but in the end most these men died by grenades instead of being captured. Signs said they helped the locals as much as possible.

The next site we went to was the Peace Museum. It was similar to the peace museum in Hiroshima, but it talked about Japanese atrocities to the Okinawan people, other parts talked about Americans stealing land for military bases, but like always none spoke about why Japan attacked Asia. Japan was the victim again.

Outside beautiful memorial plates were lined up for blocks, next to a flame in the middle which faced the ocean. I’m not sure what doesn’t face an ocean in Okinawa, everywhere you look is an ocean! We reluctantly dropped flowers in front of the memorials because an old lady pushed it onto us.

For dinner,We decided to try a place where My friend could eat meats according to his choices. So we drove out back to American village and had Iskandar Kebab and Turkish tea. It was quite delicious and satisfied our beefy needs. We then tried to find a beach but the roads back were crowded and the beach didn’t allow swimming near the Kadena airbase so we gave up and went to the Tsuboya district to get a few souvenirs.

My friend got two glass works just before it closed up. Then we returned the car on time of course and went in search of dinner. We found an all you can eat place at the beginning of koukusaidori. The price was only 2000 yen but it had so many types of dishes, mostly Italian and many types of dessert including fruit!

They even custom made a pasta for My friend because most foods had meat extracts. This was a great way to end golden week and make up for the failed meals before. We headed back to watch more last exile and prepare for his departure.



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