Nabe Party

Nothing like a good old fashion nabe party to remind you that you’ve been doing it all wrong for years.  To my knowledge, there are 4 types of hot pot that are popular in Japan.  First there is Shabu Shabu, which comes with a choice of soups, and dips for your mix of meat and veggies.  There is nabe, which uses a nabe pot and is made up of smaller ingredients, including meat and veggies, but nothing from Sukiyaki and Oden. Oden comes with the usual veggies, eggs, and Chikuwa and a variety of other strange ingredients including tofu. Sukiyaki is similar  but more simple and more like a stew.  For the past years I’ve been doing all of them at the same time, but that divides the taste and that is a terrible thing because each of these flavours are completely different from one another.  This is the result of a perfect nabe with 2 other native Japanese friends!

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