Yotsuba & Danboard Exhibition!

2013 is Yotsuba’s 10th anniversary! Originally written a decade ago, this successor series to Azumanga Daioh has spawned 12 volumes to date.  Azuma, the author, graciously signed the wall in Nagoya’s Parco.  To celebrate this anniversary, a cafe with Yotsuba themed food, and a exhibition is being held until the 9th of December in Nagoya.  No pictures were allowed inside, but it was filled with original artwork, official goods released over the years, and the real life tools that inspired the items found in the manga.

This included scooters, stuffed animals, and exercise equipment! At the very end of the exhibition, were dozens upon dozens of custom designed Danbos, another giant Yotsuba and a mini gift shop.  The full sized gift shop was beside the cafe and featured clothing, and other daily life goods.  Tickets are 500 yen and special tickets are 1500 yen, including a nice collector mini-danbo, which commemorates the event!

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