Winter Vacation Recap Part I

About a month ago, I awoke in Kanazawa, but this wasn’t an accident or a drunken stupor. I woke up here because I wanted to be here, in another part of Japan. We were away from the concrete jungle, and with some good friends who visited from North America. After a quick ride on the shinkansen to Maibara and an express train from Maibara to Kanazawa, we caught a bus that took us up to the far northern Noto Penninsula where we found our Ryoukan’s bus waiting for us.  It wasn’t a cheap trip! The bus ride itself cost over 2000 yen!

The first thing we did was check in, and because the weather was right we went fishing! After freezing for a while and catching many fish, we let most of them go.  The biggest one was saved for dinner! We proceeded to the orientation room, then the hot springs before a wonderful 10+ course dinner! After dinner, we snuck outside to take pictures, but were hastily told to return. We spent the night talking, and in the morning we had breakfast on a nice enclosed balcony platform.  We were then off to explore the city of Kanazawa.  After fixing Blitz’s phone,  we went to look for dinner, and then headed back to the hotel.  The next morning we were off to the famous site where Hanasaku Iroha was based off of. This being my second time there, pictures were less of a priority!