Capcom Lottery Tickets

Another month, another Ichibankuji (Number one lottery) event! This month they brought forth their first all Capcom 30th Anniversary lottery!  The best part about this Ichibankuji is that every ticket is a winner! Some prizes are really cheap, and not worth their 600 yen a turn fee, but I love Capcom so nothing was a loss!  Winning exactly what you want is difficult, so I splashed down 3000 yen, the most I’ve ever spent on a lottery, and won an awesome array of goods.



Winter Vacation Recap Part II

New Years in Japan is an adventure in itself. It’s only the first of the year, and decisions are already being made on which shrine to go to! On January first, Washinomiya Shrine was our destination of destinations among hundreds of other hatsumode travellers. Located in Saitama, Washinomiya Shrine is famous because it is one of the oldest in Japan, and also because of a show named Lucky Star.  In one word this shrine was about food. The delicacies of Washinomiya include the classic Takyoyaki, Tamasen, Yakisoba, and Yakitori.  There was also delicious fried squid!  As night approached, we threw our contributions into the saisenbyaku and wished for a Happy New Year!