Kei Works and Fukui

I put my car and my new equipment to the test on my first road trip with my new Suzuki Kei Works. We took off near high noon, and only stopped to eat some Lunch at a Service Area stop which had a variety of rare Japanese snacks not usually found outside these tolled highways.  On the way, greenery and mountains flooded our eyes with spectacular views of a rural Japan waiting to be discovered.  If Nagoya was a metropolis, then Fukui and the road there was the anti-Metropolis.


In Fukui City, laid a castle in ruins, with government buildings built inside to provide a mix between new and old, similar to new trees growing out of a dead forest.  We made our way through traffic passing by busy malls, to find a rural castle named Maruoka.   There was a lake full of Koi at this castle, as there also was at the previous one, and steps up were lined with stories of people who had lost loved ones.  From children who died too young, to elderly lovers brought apart by death.  The castle itself glittered in the setting sun, and with this message from the sky, we went to our final spot, Tojinbo.

At Tojinbo, we got to see one of the most spectacular sunsets along a rocky ridge of ocean battered rocks.  Toursit from afar came to admire it, lovers came to be embraced by it, but we all shared the warmth of the setting sun.  As our time in Fukui winded to an end, we had dinner at a traditional Soba place.  Fukui is famous for a variety of Soba, therefore variety set courses littered restaurants around this prefecture.  After our meal, We went to gaze upon the night stars in this rural setting of darkness away from the bustling lights of the big city.

Mars shone a bright red, while Jupiter showed it’s diamond glow along with the rest of the stars rarely seen.  The path back was littered with lights, and we were guided by plants and stars towards the highway, where we journeyed back to the big city with no regrets and happiness in our hearts.