Toys! Here, there and everywhere

I’m a bit of a collector when it comes to my favorite things.  Recently, I’ve acquired Ultra Magnus in my Transformer’s Masterpiece collection. He stands tall and mighty, but I want bigger. The Combiner Wars Devestator bound for US released this fall stands at 18 inches (45cm)! There hasn’t been any announcement for it on the Japanese market. Just the US bound one by Hasbro. Although it isn’t a masterpiece, it stands tall. Way taller than the biggest. My Optimus MP-10 is arriving this Summer and will nearly complete my collection.

I’ll rock your casba

The Amiibo buying games as reached critical mass. I’m not out to collect everything, but I do have my eyes on some upcoming Wii U/3DS accessories.  These beautifully (usually) figures sit cheap, when they’re not inflated by high demand coming from overseas traffic. 11 bucks in Japan, but the Japanese Amazon figures sold out within 30 minutes because of offshore buying driving up the prices of other retailers! It’s insane and I might have to pull myself out of the Amiibo game after acquiring some rare ones like the Wii Fit Trainer and Shulk.

I’ve been collecting Tomica die cast toys more recently as they’ve been venturing into my areas of interest. I picked up two AE-86 ones officially licensed by Initial D.  I also picked up the Tie Fighter and X-Wing diecast, but ignored the poorly scaled Millennium Falcon and Star Destroyer one. I have the Y-Wing lined up and here’s hoping for an A-Wing and the probably impossible B-Wing. I’m out for the JSDF die cast tank and jeep as well.

I’ll swoosh you good

I’ve thrown in my first pre-order for a Nendoroid in a long time. I have toon Link coming in this Summer. My newest area of interest is in Adventure Time goods. As a long fan of American cartoons, Adventure Time caught my interest back when I first enjoyed some episode during season 3 on my European Cruise. As it enters the Japanese market this year I hope to procure more and more of their goods.

Finally, I’ve gotten a Wii U, so of course I have my eyes on games for that and my 3DS. I recently ordered Danganronpa 2, which I had put off for quite a while.

I’m sorry wallet! I know I should be taking care of my car, but my toys call! This is why I can’t leave Japan.

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