John Carpenter liked Kojima enough not to sue him over Metal Gear


Its no surprise that Kojima, the father of the Metal Gear series, is a fan of old literature and movies. Most of his games and works have been inspired by Hollywood. Sometimes his work references Hollywood a little TOO much. In this recent John Carpenter interview, just in time for Halloween, we learn why Kojima was not any legal trouble over his overbearing references to Mr. Carpenter’s often action packed movies.

John Carpenter’s Interview

Dhalsim with his new bending fireballs


Capcom’s classic Dhalsim┬áis the newest reveal for Street Fighter 5 and he comes with an array of new abilities including fake teleporting, and a super bending fireball which comes at you from above. He’s a greater threat from above and below, and afar now. Get excited about using this older looking Dhalsim on February 16th, 2016.