終わりの惑星のLove Song is a complex story trapped behind simple lyrics


I’ve been a big fan of Yanagi Nagi’s voice, as well as a long time fan of KEY. This Key Sound Label combination brought the best of two artists together for a CD only rivaled by Love Song (also Key Sound Label) and Supercell!  The music has a combination of slow and fast songs, carefully placed with stories that focus on “end of the world scenarios and relationships”.  Each story at first seem unrelated, but with the songs simple lyrics, it leaves a lot of interpretation. Hidden mysteries lie hidden within each song and how all the songs may be part of the same time line.

I highly recommend this CD to Yanagi Nagi (Supercell) and Key Sound label (Angel Beats!, Kanon, Clannad, AIR, Planetarian, Little Buster) fans. The CD comes with Japanese, Chinese, Korean and ENGLISH lyrics! You know they really care and recognize their international fans when they do something as rare as this. I got the special edition so it comes with all the music videos for the songs that have them, and they’re really great!  However, there are slight errors in translations, but it doesn’t change the fact they are trying to expand to their fans overseas.




Hakase and Nano

When December ended, so did my Nichijou collection! I got Hakase and Nano now and they both sit happily with Sakamoto and their little table.  Also my Yuuko, Mio and Mai figures from Shounen S magazine!

Transformers Masterpiece – MP03 Starscream USA Edition

After picking up Sunstorm from Amazon Japan, I decided to get Starscream MP-03 USA Edition as well. Different in color from the actual US release and original MP-03 Japanese release, his vehicle mode’s realism really sold me.
He can’t wear the shoulder pads properly, but he was a lot easier for me to transform than Sunstorm.

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I really dig the stand, paintjob and extra equipment. However, it doesn’t come with a trading card, pretty box, or pretty instruction manual. He might be slightly lower than Sunstorm as well, and his face changes, otherwise they are both very similar.
Except of course for the realism of Starscream’s vehicle mode, and Sunstorms sturdy robot mode is smoother. The plastic seems a little worse cut on Starscream, but its probably Hasbro’s fault.

GoodSmile Cafe Again

To celebrate a friends birthday, we decided to visit Tokyo again just before the Christmas season! This time they have updated their figure collection, but it is still operating under the Idolm@ster and Puella Majicka Madoka theme.  An adamant fan brought his Mami doll to take pictures.  Placemats are no longer used but for a special 100 yen fee, laminated and given to you at the end.  Akihabara on a Sunday is wide open!

Blast from the past

Do you know about Yotsubato? Yotsubato is a great series of books made by Azuma, the same person who did Azumanga! It’s a great story through the childhood experiences of a little foreign girl named Yotsuba.  It keeps the comedy from Azumanga, and its really easy to read in Japanese! Now onto my figure review!

In anticipation to the release of Lucky Star on blu-ray, today I will be looking at Kagami: OVA version! In the last Lucky Star episode, the Lucky Star OVA, Kagami is in a dream sequence as Hatsune Miku.  To celebrate she was released as a figma, alongside a nendoroid. I don’t have the nendoroid, but I do have the figma!

Since these are the earlier generation of figma what I first noticed was the lack of accessories, and the larger size!  Their faces are almost as big as nendoroid faces!  The Racing Miku figma I reviewed earlier had tiny faces!

Another difference were that the joints were stiffer, as well as harder to change.  A few times I thought I was going to break a piece off.  There was a problem with one of the screws for the stand, and that problem was rust! I’m not sure what humidity levels this box has been through, but clearly the figmas of the past are really different from today’s figmas.

However, I did notice more detail, and they are a bit more photogenic because of the larger faces.  The paint job seems to be nice without any jagged pieces or bleeding. I’d agree that it’s one of the better Hatsune Miku figures!

Racing Miku Figma

Can you guess what is coming?

Today we look at another toy by Good Smile Company, but more specifically GoodSmile Racing.  There are a lot of GoodSmile Racing figures and toys, and some may wonder why that is.  The reason is in Japan, twice a year, GoodSmile Racing holds a fund raising event for their racing team.  If one chooses to support their season, they will reward you with gifts.  Sometimes they’ll hand out Figma, and sometimes they distribute Nendoroids, but they’ll always give you a racing package that you can wear to cheer on your team.  My racing package is in Japan, as well as a little trophy they gave me for my figure, but today I’ll look at Racing Miku’s Figma, which won the 2011 GT300 races! It was GSR’s first ever victory and they wanted to celebrate! They were so happy that they released the puchi racing set, which I reviewed yesterday, and the full scale figure, which I did not purchase.  If you’d like to support their 2012 team, which unfortinately isn’t doing too well, then you can visit GoodSmile Racing!

The puchi’s definitely allow more facial details, but figma’s are more flexible and in a sense more fun. I decided to pose her with the trophy and the umbrella and along side 2010’s car.  With the new camera she came out quite nice, I only wish her neck didn’t come out so far, it makes her look a little awkward. Her smiling face however is brilliant. The smile reminds me of Fuuka from Yotsubato and I think it is really adorable.  This Miku also has something that few other figures do, but it sure makes it strange, and that thing is boobs. Is this really Miku?!

Can you guess what I’ll review with my camera tomorrow?

Are you ready? Curry’s ready!

While in Akihabara I had the chance to try lunch at the IdolM@ster themed Good Smile Company Cafe. At first I had to admit that like at any themed Cafe I was reluctant to spend hard earned Yen on questionable food. However, this was the Akiba Good Smile Cafe and I’ve eaten delicious food at another GSC Cafe location, so I decided to try out this location too.

The inside was certainly a lot larger than the other location, large enough to have 4 different themes in one location, and as many goods on display, but mostly Idolm@ster art and figurines. It wasn’t as magical as the Fate/Zero theme, but the food, yes the food, actually caught my attention! It actually looked good, much better than the Fate/Zero food, which seemed minimal. First of all, what I noticed was the White Curry, which looked like it’d dance in my stomach much like the Idol’s in Idolm@ster would try to dance on stage. Then there was the dessert, which was healthy looking, and I like healthy desserts so, I ordered that as my friend, who came in for the second time that day, accompanied me for this treat by ordering the drink/dessert set.

My friend got his set first, and we learned that they forgot to write down my order! When they finally corrected it they gave me my placemat, which of course I didn’t eat on because I wanted to save it, as well as two collector cards. One card was Idolm@ster and the other was an anime called Accel World. While we waited, we talked about Idolm@ster and the idol’s, especially my favourite idol, Miki, and my experience at the other GSC cafe. When the curry arrived it didn’t come with a spoon, but a spoon in the shape of a shovel! Yukiho, which the dish is based on usually uses a shovel to dig herself a hole to hide in due to embarrassment and what not. It was so awesome that I asked my Japanese friend if I could keep it to dig my own hole, but he said the price for the curry would have been much higher if you could keep it. Feeling dejected I took my first bite, and my mouth had literally never taken curry so sweet, so much like a dessert, and yet at the same time not overly too sweet, and I was in love. It tasted a bit like white chocolate and also a bit like cheese, and I’d really like another one right now!

I ate it quick, not because my dessert got here immediately after and I was afraid of it melting, but because it was just so good. The desert was also super delicious. It came with a frozen Kurogoma pudding and fruits all around. I am allergic to cherries however, and promptly removed it along with the whipped cream using the shovel. The ice dessert with condensed milk was large and the fruits juicy, and like the curry its something I would definitely come back for. After eating I toured the area a bit like most other customers and took pictures of the posters, toys and area.

So if you want great eats that won’t break your wallet and comes with a lot of free goodies to see come to the Good Smile Cafe in Akihabara, and I promise you that you won’t be let down!

Visual Arts Concert in Yokohama

Visual Art’s, known for publishing the visual novels Kanon, Air, Clannad and several other big titles, celebrated their 20th Anniversary this weekend. To celebrate they held a concert at Yokohama Dome and invited all of the big name artists related to singing the opening themes and ending themes to these titles. Outside the arena were cars decorated in Visual Art’s characters for people to snap pictures of. Around the side were hour long line ups for Visual Art’s goods, the most popular T-shirts were sold out quick. Inside they checked our bags for any forbidden goods, and handed us a gift package which included a free CD with 2 tracks! We were welcomed in by two giant characters which stood a few dozen feet tall. It was amazing to see the singers of your favourite game up close and personal, even though I sat quite a ways from the main stage. What was even more amazing than the singers themselves were the fans. The fans were synchronized with the singers using many of glow sticks in one concert, and in some cases a glow stick for every finger! This was my first time at such a large concert hall in Japan. The only other concert I had been to was LiSA’s GIRLS DEAD MONSTER concert on a smaller stage in Nagoya and that one didn’t have seats like this one, but seats would become important for this concert would run for over 5 hours! The concert started with Kotoko and I’ve singing a variety of songs I knew, but others that were before my time. The first song I recognized was “Close to me” by Kotoko, and it sounded much better live. The artists would usually introduce themselves and Kotoko told us that unfortunately Mell couldn’t make it to the concert for certain reasons. However, just to see Kotoko was definitely nice since she had a big impact in my life when I started getting into Japanese music. Afterwards, a few artists I didn’t recognize came up to stage including a boy band and during that time I made my way to the bathroom and some of the exhibits outside, including a room with all the Visual Art’s game to demo. After a few more unknown names the concert was in intermission.After the intermission came a video that previewed a new Visual Art’s game, a sequel to Rewrite. There would be a few commercial in between artists, the best one however was the first trailer to the Little Buster’s anime by J.C. Staff. There were also commercials that featured their past games, which also sent chills, these definitely got the crowd going.After the commercials came one of the best parts of the concert, GIRLS DEAD MONSTER featuring Marina and LiSA.  Marina would sing Alchemy, and LiSA would sing a couple other songs, before another artist sang Ichiban no Takara Mono. Afterwards, a few more unknown artists came on to sing and I used this chance to use the bathroom, and thankfully I did because there were no more intermissions. One of the unknown artist included a new member of the singing staff and she asked us to give her our support. Rita, the singer to the opening of Little Buster sang Ecstasy, and another song. The most disappointing thing was that Eufonius only sang one song! She was one of my favourite singers, but she didn’t do as many songs for Visual Art’s compared to her work for anime. She did however record a song under the name Riya called Love Song, and it was definitely a beautiful CD and It was disappointing she didn’t sing anything from it.However, as the concert came close to ending Lia finally appeared! I was getting sad that I didn’t hear any of the songs to my favourite anime and game openings, but she came in and gave us exactly what they wanted, singing Tori no Uta. She would also sing Dango Daikazoku, and My Soul, Your Beats! All of the songs were so much more powerful live than on CD, especially Dango Daikazoku. The bass that shook the room sent more chills down my spine, it was almost like a dream listening to it. She was definitely a show stealer, and the applauses she got definitely proved she was a top quality singer. Her English was also fluent and fantastic as she described the musicians behind her. The concert finished with two songs sung by I’ve, who came out together in a group and sang Last Regrets from Kanon, asking everyone to sing along with the karaoke on screen. Before they sang the last song, they introduced their president of the company, and proceeded to sing Orpheus, the theme song of the concert, before saying their thanks and ending their 20th anniversary celebrations.

Tanabata Festival at Shopping Arcade

Summer is here and this is Tanabata weekend.  The people celebrate Orihime’s love story, which is of course myth, but is still loved by and celebrated by many here in Japan. At these events you can find traditional and modern performances and dances, as well as a lot of food booths and games for kids.  This year appears to be bigger than the previous year as there were many, many more floats!  Thankfully, I live nearby where the event took place, and I always bike home around here. The discovery was fortunate because if you weren’t a local of this area I’m not exactly sure how one would know about this wonderful festive event, which spans a dozen blocks!

A lot of floats seemed to be based off of traditional and newer manga, anime and game characters, for example Kirby, Mario, and some newer ones like Naruto, Yotsubato and Natsume Yuujinchou. While other ones were original, for example the giant one with seafood!  There was of course Takoyaki, chocolate banana’s, and meat on a stick.  There was even a live monkey on stilts performing.

WonFest, Visual Arts 20th anniversary concert this Sunday

I’m going to be in town, but unfortunately at a different event! I’ll be at the Visual Arts concert in Yokohama. I can’t wait to see LiSA again and Lia, Kotoko, as well as Euphonius for the first time!

Meanwhile, those a wonfest will see some Nendoroids I’ve been anticipating!

The prototype of Gumi, Sakura Miku and the almost finished Hakase from Nichijou! Head to Chiba to see the gigantic Nendoroid, Figma and Scale Models this Sunday!

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