After 1 year since my application, and just over a month since my entrance exams, I’ve made it into my Automotive Tech Foundation program! This puts my teaching overseas goals on hold for a few months, but I am still going to do my TESL before anything. This puts me back in school a little less than a year of being lazy. So now within a year I can earn two certificates! Let’s hope this goes well and that by the time I head to Japan I’ll have qualifications worth discussing.

Yargh, I didn’t know donating blood could be so tough. I failed almost 2 years ago because of wait lists and I am failing now because of recently returning from Malaria risky zones. Why can’t they test my blood for Malaria??


stuff to get in Japan

Toro and Kuro figures, Yotusbato Figures, Pale Cocoon movie DVD, and dual shock 3 to put to good use my PS3 which is only great for Playstation 3 demos, dokodemo issho and Puzzle Fighter! I also need hair wax, and to look for car stuff (razo shift knob, and pedals). Car learners sign, other car and JDM stuff. Suikoden art book, rolly, Final Fantasy Crisis Core Soundtrack.