Himeji Castle challenges Sun as second brightest object in the universe

Not too far away from Osaka, lies a castle of such grandeur people just could not turn a blind eye to it. This is literally the brightest castle in existence but thanks to the government green tarps, we were saved from a renegade castle after our favorite sense. It was put under a 6 year renovation project, which made exterior photos as likely as a non-hobbit Elijah Wood.  For half a decade one could only enjoy the large spacious interior and exterior, erected by a Shogun with a little too much dosh and a lot to compensate for.

Unfortunately the tarps have fallen, and just in time for Golden Week, when thousands upon thousands of tourist flocked like pigeons to Himeji Castle for photos. But wait, why does every photo online looks the same you ask? Because everyone has found a favorite spots, and it’s all on the same power line (another pigeon reference). These photographers made sure to upload hundreds of photos in those exact same spots.  But of course, mine are not the same as theirs. Behold the beauty of my super HDR, heavily contrasted edits with my old software. The castle itself blended its azure whiteness with the white clouds that day, making it the second brightest thing in our universe.  The many tourist who didn’t have their cameras destroyed by the imminent bright flashes of beautiful destruction made off with their vision only half in shambles and their memory cards full of postcard duplicates.

I came away with a replica castle that day. One that was oddly not white but Bronze. Some guy in the factory asked, “Sir, what is this castle known for?” and the manager responded with, “if you have time for questions, you have time to forfeit your lunch time”, and so rather than one that looked authentic, we got a gift that looked like it too had been under construction for 6 years.

Serious note: The trip took 4 hours from Nagoya, with a 1 hour pit stop at a beautiful service area stop at Lake Biwa.  I had some omelette rice, before making my way there.  Parking at the castle park was 600 yen for 3 hours, which was more than enough time to see the Castle.  Entrance fee was 1000 yen, and included entry into the castle itself.  The line ups are long so either go late or early, or bring a fan because you’ll be waiting outside for a long time. The castle will be open until 7 P.M. this summer only!