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I had proof read my “Air pollution in China” page (located on my side bar) and realized how poor my grammar was ( I never checked it before submitting it for marks!!!). So I decided to fix it and update a little bit of information. I can honestly say it’s worth checking out now!

I’ve been playing Persona 3 for little bit rather than Metal Gear Solid 4. Metal Gear games always push my senses to its limits, and thats why I never plunged into the third game yet. But I will after I’m done with MGS IV and find myself a copy of subsistance.

Distorted media

I have been aware of Canada’s distorted media since before the Tibet protests in China and Canada. Recently Vancouver’s Global news and other news networks in Germany have shown protesting Tibetan supporters on T.V. claiming the images were from Tibet when they were actually from Nepal or other nearby regions. Although misinterpretation of information occurs quite frequently in todays media (take for example Fox News report on internet news or CNN in general) this can be blamed on escalating a story for more viewers and Reuters, one of the only sources some news stations rely on.


This Reuters can interpret and present the news anyway they like because they have access to areas or information that they choose not to share leaving newspapers and reporters on T.V. with a biased usually Westerncentric view of the world. Now combine that with the desire to get ratings and one will have a newstory that can reminisce the Cold War peroid. The Tibetan protesters took advantage of this and created a classic “divide and conquorer” strategy used throughout the colonial peroid and post colonial peroid to divide up states under the basis of unfair treatment of minorities and the need to create a new “free state” for these minorities. Colonial powers were known for support the minorities with arms, money for terrorism against stable countries and this led to large scale campaigns of genocide and propaganda manipulated news from both sides. The use of these events were often used to cover up the colonists own crimes against humanity and human rights abuses. There is bias in every news source and the opinions that exceed biases usually go into the Editorial section but recently it has frequently crepped its way on to the front page. These extremely biased methods of reporting which do not take into accounts or work around facts that counter the writers argument or opinion distrupt Canada’s position in the world as a country that is open and free. They are allowing individuals to create hate, and allowing a small number of radicals (sometimes funded by commercial or government fronts) to drown out the voices of the majority.


Last week the majority spoke back and supporters of China in Canada and around the world held a march by the thousands to protest the distorted media being presented world wide. However this march did not even make it into many front pages of newspapers, or even mentioned and if it was it was a tiny section on the sidelines or the back. Wheres the justice in this? This in fact has been very common throughout history and most people who pay attention to the news or study global politics and history has understood for ages. Yes, China has ways to go in improving their livlihood for people to reach Canadian standards, but unlike most developing countries they are doing it at a pace much quicker, and they are also taking into consideration of how their projects will economically benefit everyone in China in the end. Capitalism and Social concern for humans have never gotten along throughout history, but China is struggling to deal with it and the more pressure they recieve the harder it will be for them to work at their own pace as Europe and America did after they decolonized (which took over 30 years for them to grant independence for certain countries).


If the world keeps presenting China as the enemy or the country that stands in the way of freedom and justice then people will start having this image embedded in their mind. People will beging to avoid China, their products and eventually China will turn into ruin. Where is our freedom to think for ourselves when we forget to interpret news objectively? Information should always be interpreted and it is necessary to understand that there are two, maybe three, maybe a thousands sides to a story. People with their busy lives today have forgotten this and its time to change that.

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