Korankei Stop

In the Spring, the Japanese enjoy seeing the first cherry blossoms bloom. In the Winter, they look forward to the first snow and now that Autumn is here Nagoyans celebrate it like many others by watching the leaves change color.  Every city has their favorite spot, and in Nagoya that spot is Korankei. Located near Toyota City, the home of Toyota Motor Corporation, traveling here by car is straightforward and doesn’t take more than an hour from Nagoya by the highway.  The community in this town has embraced these visitors by setting up beautiful shops and stands, as well as offering parking (for a small fee).  The town is extremely pleasing to the senses. From the colors of the shrines, temples, and buildings to the smell of the fresh country air, everything is organized to welcome thousands without sacrificing the small Japanese town atmosphere.

A short walk from the parking lot takes you over the first of many bridges, which is not necessary to cross if you want to enjoy the festival game stands or snacks that litter the boardwalk.  The most famous of the bridges is red and most visitors choose to take pictures of it or of it, while also capturing the beautiful leaves change colors and the river that runs all around.  From there, you can reach the center of Korankei’s festivities where they hold activities, sell delicious local foods, namely deer, and boar.  From here, you can continue north to a large building resembling a temple, enter the village museum, or go further into nature and the suspension bridge, that bounces as you walk.  Wherever you choose to go, the beautiful colors of the rainbow accompany you for a wonderful time.


Happy Canada Day!


146 years of independence. Kind of funny that we originally wanted to remain part of the British kingdom, but was hastily pushed out because we were too expensive for British taxpayers. Oh well! Long live the Queen?

Happy 2013! Akemashite Omedeto Gozaimasu!

December was a busy month!  I go to visit a lot of new and old places, but with the backdrop of this season’s greeting. Last year I celebrated Hatsumode at Meiji Shrine and this year I celebrated at Osu Kannon Temple.

Gasha Snow Miku

If you guessed Snow Miku yesterday then you’re right! Well kind of…

Its the limited 2012 Hokkaido Snow Festival Snow Miku Gashapon!

Does it require building? Well…

Just a little!

She is really nicely coloured and built for a 300 yen figure! Although it cost me 1200 yen to finally win her after 4 tries. This special snow Miku was only available at Sapporo’s Airport and I believe also at the Good Smile Company booth and wonfest. It was limited and only sold during the 2012 Sapporo snow festival.

Well lets take some pictures of her!

She looks very nice! Except for a crack in her hair, which was intentional most likely but poorly concealed. She has the true making of a quality figure!  The snow man has a microphone as if interviewing her as she shows off her software in her arms!! She has all the marking and details on the normal Miku even the number 01 for first Vocaloid!  In Hokkaido Hatsune Miku held her first outdoor concert, but it was a secret concert!  This figure probably hinted at a possible concert and interview!

Miku is pleased!

And of course… When you lean too far forward.

And if you guessed something else you’re right!

The other gashapons I got were a fox and 2 trains! They are a part of Hokkaido’s history and culture! I really should have tried harder to get the Clock Tower that was featured in Saikano or at least the professor that said “Boys be Ambitious!”

Tanabata Festival at Shopping Arcade

Summer is here and this is Tanabata weekend.  The people celebrate Orihime’s love story, which is of course myth, but is still loved by and celebrated by many here in Japan. At these events you can find traditional and modern performances and dances, as well as a lot of food booths and games for kids.  This year appears to be bigger than the previous year as there were many, many more floats!  Thankfully, I live nearby where the event took place, and I always bike home around here. The discovery was fortunate because if you weren’t a local of this area I’m not exactly sure how one would know about this wonderful festive event, which spans a dozen blocks!

A lot of floats seemed to be based off of traditional and newer manga, anime and game characters, for example Kirby, Mario, and some newer ones like Naruto, Yotsubato and Natsume Yuujinchou. While other ones were original, for example the giant one with seafood!  There was of course Takoyaki, chocolate banana’s, and meat on a stick.  There was even a live monkey on stilts performing.

Comiket c81

January 24th, 2012
My Comiket Loot, 1 month ago. Today, I bought some clothes to my upcoming trip to Hokkaido!
I need to book my flight with TopTours to guarantee my access to Snow Miku!

Comiket/Root Double/January News

Comiket 81 has finished, and what came out of it was more information on Root Double Before Crime After Days.  The advertisement flyer they handed out on Day 3 of Comiket came with a free bag!  I’m lucky I chose to stick around until the very end.
They handed out the bag and flyer quite suddenly outside of the Industry Comiket area and it ended just as quickly as it started with limited numbers of lucky people acquiring the yellow bags.  Enjoy the new pictures and story!
Root Double Before Crime After Days, is a new story by the director of Ever17, another visual novel that encompasses decision making to achieve a path to the true ending.  999, was another game which stood out in the series, and was recently released on the DS last year. I also received a special drama cd.
More information on the game can be found @Siliconera.
December 23rd, 10 Minutes till Midnight
The main reason everyone should use Chrome!
Featured Above!
December 19th, 3:53 P.M.
The brand new Hatsune Miku Snow Miku has been revealed alongside a Miku train in Hokkaido.
This is the third rendition and the biggest change to the Snow Miku look since they were established a few years ago.
The train will be active from the 19th of December to the 30th of March.