Gifu for Okonomiyaki

Just like how there are many types of  hot pot there are just as many types of Okonomiyaki and I got to try them all today in Gifu!  Monjayaki was the most unique one because it comes out wet and mixed and is eaten just as it is basically with a bit of heat which only helps to cook and stick the pieces together. I, however, still prefer the original solid type! I tagged along to Gifu today, a 2 hour drive, to meet up with my friend’s old friends.


Gasha Snow Miku

If you guessed Snow Miku yesterday then you’re right! Well kind of…

Its the limited 2012 Hokkaido Snow Festival Snow Miku Gashapon!

Does it require building? Well…

Just a little!

She is really nicely coloured and built for a 300 yen figure! Although it cost me 1200 yen to finally win her after 4 tries. This special snow Miku was only available at Sapporo’s Airport and I believe also at the Good Smile Company booth and wonfest. It was limited and only sold during the 2012 Sapporo snow festival.

Well lets take some pictures of her!

She looks very nice! Except for a crack in her hair, which was intentional most likely but poorly concealed. She has the true making of a quality figure!  The snow man has a microphone as if interviewing her as she shows off her software in her arms!! She has all the marking and details on the normal Miku even the number 01 for first Vocaloid!  In Hokkaido Hatsune Miku held her first outdoor concert, but it was a secret concert!  This figure probably hinted at a possible concert and interview!

Miku is pleased!

And of course… When you lean too far forward.

And if you guessed something else you’re right!

The other gashapons I got were a fox and 2 trains! They are a part of Hokkaido’s history and culture! I really should have tried harder to get the Clock Tower that was featured in Saikano or at least the professor that said “Boys be Ambitious!”

Heading back to Canada for awhile

Time to head home and so there won’t be an update for a day or so! Currently waiting for my plane on this fine, hot day! Nagoya airport is certainly nice and modern looking. It was kind of annoying that my airline carry on limit was 5 kg compared to 10 kg on Air Canada.


Japan’s new residency card

Since my first month in Japan and until recently, all foreigners who would stay over 3 months, because they received a holiday, a work, a student or a special visa, had to get a Alien registration card to stay in Japan. That’s right, we’re aliens much in the way Martians or extra-terrestrial rocks are, except they probably wouldn’t need a card to reside in Japan.

The Alien card gives anyone who finds or sees it access to all your personal information, including your work place address, name and visa status. That a lot of private info revealed on the card itself! Therefore, the introduction of a new card is happily welcomed by most foreigners. Unlike, in our native country we need to have the Alien card and the new National ID card on us at all times by Japanese law. We can’t escape that but it beats carrying our passport around.

The most convenient feature that will save us 5000 yen every visa renewal is the scrapping of the re-entry visa for those who leave and return to Japan during their stay. Before we had to get a one just to go on a vacation to our home land and without one we wouldn’t be allowed to return under our visa agreement. So one would be forced to renounce their visa because a re-entry visa can not be purchased outside of Japan.