Hatsune Miku Cafe in Roppongi Hills

Tokyo, the home to everything fun, has lured me back into its grasp 2 weeks ago.  The final day for the Hatsune Miku cafe coincided with the last day of the International Toy Fair at the Big Sight, and made June the 16th my “must go to Tokyo” day. There really is no other cafe like this, even the Goodsmile Cafe paled in comparison with the amount of Miku displays on the walls, the music in the cafe and the inspiration in the menu.  Everything was related to Miku and it came served with a wonderful night view of Downtown Tokyo. Its an event not to be missed, but unfortunately the cafe is no longer with us as it was a time limited event.  You can however, relive my experience with my video!

Blast from the past

Do you know about Yotsubato? Yotsubato is a great series of books made by Azuma, the same person who did Azumanga! It’s a great story through the childhood experiences of a little foreign girl named Yotsuba.  It keeps the comedy from Azumanga, and its really easy to read in Japanese! Now onto my figure review!

In anticipation to the release of Lucky Star on blu-ray, today I will be looking at Kagami: OVA version! In the last Lucky Star episode, the Lucky Star OVA, Kagami is in a dream sequence as Hatsune Miku.  To celebrate she was released as a figma, alongside a nendoroid. I don’t have the nendoroid, but I do have the figma!

Since these are the earlier generation of figma what I first noticed was the lack of accessories, and the larger size!  Their faces are almost as big as nendoroid faces!  The Racing Miku figma I reviewed earlier had tiny faces!

Another difference were that the joints were stiffer, as well as harder to change.  A few times I thought I was going to break a piece off.  There was a problem with one of the screws for the stand, and that problem was rust! I’m not sure what humidity levels this box has been through, but clearly the figmas of the past are really different from today’s figmas.

However, I did notice more detail, and they are a bit more photogenic because of the larger faces.  The paint job seems to be nice without any jagged pieces or bleeding. I’d agree that it’s one of the better Hatsune Miku figures!

Gasha Snow Miku

If you guessed Snow Miku yesterday then you’re right! Well kind of…

Its the limited 2012 Hokkaido Snow Festival Snow Miku Gashapon!

Does it require building? Well…

Just a little!

She is really nicely coloured and built for a 300 yen figure! Although it cost me 1200 yen to finally win her after 4 tries. This special snow Miku was only available at Sapporo’s Airport and I believe also at the Good Smile Company booth and wonfest. It was limited and only sold during the 2012 Sapporo snow festival.

Well lets take some pictures of her!

She looks very nice! Except for a crack in her hair, which was intentional most likely but poorly concealed. She has the true making of a quality figure!  The snow man has a microphone as if interviewing her as she shows off her software in her arms!! She has all the marking and details on the normal Miku even the number 01 for first Vocaloid!  In Hokkaido Hatsune Miku held her first outdoor concert, but it was a secret concert!  This figure probably hinted at a possible concert and interview!

Miku is pleased!

And of course… When you lean too far forward.

And if you guessed something else you’re right!

The other gashapons I got were a fox and 2 trains! They are a part of Hokkaido’s history and culture! I really should have tried harder to get the Clock Tower that was featured in Saikano or at least the professor that said “Boys be Ambitious!”

Racing Miku Figma

Can you guess what is coming?

Today we look at another toy by Good Smile Company, but more specifically GoodSmile Racing.  There are a lot of GoodSmile Racing figures and toys, and some may wonder why that is.  The reason is in Japan, twice a year, GoodSmile Racing holds a fund raising event for their racing team.  If one chooses to support their season, they will reward you with gifts.  Sometimes they’ll hand out Figma, and sometimes they distribute Nendoroids, but they’ll always give you a racing package that you can wear to cheer on your team.  My racing package is in Japan, as well as a little trophy they gave me for my figure, but today I’ll look at Racing Miku’s Figma, which won the 2011 GT300 races! It was GSR’s first ever victory and they wanted to celebrate! They were so happy that they released the puchi racing set, which I reviewed yesterday, and the full scale figure, which I did not purchase.  If you’d like to support their 2012 team, which unfortinately isn’t doing too well, then you can visit GoodSmile Racing!

The puchi’s definitely allow more facial details, but figma’s are more flexible and in a sense more fun. I decided to pose her with the trophy and the umbrella and along side 2010’s car.  With the new camera she came out quite nice, I only wish her neck didn’t come out so far, it makes her look a little awkward. Her smiling face however is brilliant. The smile reminds me of Fuuka from Yotsubato and I think it is really adorable.  This Miku also has something that few other figures do, but it sure makes it strange, and that thing is boobs. Is this really Miku?!

Can you guess what I’ll review with my camera tomorrow?

Racing Miku Set 2011 Puchi

It’s been over a week since my last update.  So to welcome myself back I picked up a Sony Nex5n to show off some my new collection of figures.  Part one will be Racing Miku’s puchi set, celebrating last years GT300 victory!  It comes with a tiny race car which isn’t featured here, but Miku, Rin and Luka are featured with some of their default parts.  The care they put into each of these figures left me with a lot of plastic, but it really did keep the puchis pristine.

WonFest, Visual Arts 20th anniversary concert this Sunday

I’m going to be in town, but unfortunately at a different event! I’ll be at the Visual Arts concert in Yokohama. I can’t wait to see LiSA again and Lia, Kotoko, as well as Euphonius for the first time!

Meanwhile, those a wonfest will see some Nendoroids I’ve been anticipating!

The prototype of Gumi, Sakura Miku and the almost finished Hakase from Nichijou! Head to Chiba to see the gigantic Nendoroid, Figma and Scale Models this Sunday!

More by Mikatan!

The Visual Arts event theme song sung by your favourite Key Sound Label artists!

More information on Visual Arts’ 20th anniversary celebration this Sunday July 29th at Yokohama Arena!

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Deco*27 – Love Calendar released

Deco*27’s third album was released today. It comes with 13 songs, most of which were featured in their most recent singles. The special edition comes with a DVD video of 8 tracks including a documentary. Tracks like Ego Mama, Light Love and Long Distance Love affair top my chart. This is the first album release to not focus any Vocaloids but instead Marina and Topi dominate the tracks. Their wonderful voices make the lack of Gumi and Miku forgiven.

Some of the songs:

Comiket c81

January 24th, 2012
My Comiket Loot, 1 month ago. Today, I bought some clothes to my upcoming trip to Hokkaido!
I need to book my flight with TopTours to guarantee my access to Snow Miku!

Comiket/Root Double/January News

Comiket 81 has finished, and what came out of it was more information on Root Double Before Crime After Days.  The advertisement flyer they handed out on Day 3 of Comiket came with a free bag!  I’m lucky I chose to stick around until the very end.
They handed out the bag and flyer quite suddenly outside of the Industry Comiket area and it ended just as quickly as it started with limited numbers of lucky people acquiring the yellow bags.  Enjoy the new pictures and story!
Root Double Before Crime After Days, is a new story by the director of Ever17, another visual novel that encompasses decision making to achieve a path to the true ending.  999, was another game which stood out in the series, and was recently released on the DS last year. I also received a special drama cd.
More information on the game can be found @Siliconera.
December 23rd, 10 Minutes till Midnight
The main reason everyone should use Chrome!
Featured Above!
December 19th, 3:53 P.M.
The brand new Hatsune Miku Snow Miku has been revealed alongside a Miku train in Hokkaido.
This is the third rendition and the biggest change to the Snow Miku look since they were established a few years ago.
The train will be active from the 19th of December to the 30th of March.

Racing Queen Package

Racing Miku hasn’t arrived yet, but her package of goods did a few weeks ago.  It comes with a nice big sticker of the Racing Queen, a post card came before the package, a wrist band, a key chain, and a few other goodies were also included!